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See PDF of these workshops with more details here.

Performance workshops can be customized for ages 10-13, 14-17, college age, and adults (as well as multi-generational groups). The maximum participant size per workshop is 20. Use the contact form below, and Amy will be in touch shortly to discuss scheduling and fees.

WORKSHOP 1: Exploring the historical context of our personal narratives

This is a writing workshop encouraging participants to research and include historical context when developing and sharing personal narratives. Through a series of exercises, participants will complete a draft of a short monologue.

WORKSHOP 2: Creating characters for solo performance

This is a performance workshop for participants interested in or curious about performing solo work. Exploring the use of movement and voice, participants will create a set of three different characters, and will practice transitioning from one to another.

WORKSHOP 3: Gutless & Grateful/Workshop Combination

This workshop combines in-class performance, devising theatre, revelatory theatre practices and artistic entrepreneurship. “Gutless & Grateful as a workshop” combines elements of storytelling and drama-therapy, ideal for educating artists on the elements of performance, writing, and using life as artistic inspiration.  Watch the show, and unlock keys to creating and marketing your own in a way that can inspire the world.  See Amy’s TEDx Talk.

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