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 I have an amazing time and storytellers this weekend at the League for Advancement of New England Storytellers Annual Conference!

I was leading one of my favorite workshops…

DETOURS! Check out what my detours workshop are all about here. I’m touring them all over the country!

What’s a Detourist workshop?

Check here if:

___ I’ve had something unexpected happen in my life

___I’ve had to go a different route because life had other plans for my plans

___I’m not sure where my path is going

If life didn’t go as you expected, that’s a detour.

Sometimes, we can’t learn to love our detour until we spend a bit of time traveling it – we need to give that detour enough time to form a story of its own.

Why should you love your detours?

  • Detours lead to endless discoveries.
  • Detours give us ways out.
  • Detours connect us.
  • Detours make our stories.
  • Detours make our meaning.

Detours allow us to find the exotic flowers along the unexpected path.

A Detourist doesn’t just take the detour, they embrace it – bumps and all – and keep traveling. 

Of course, I had to do a test run…

And my mother’s friends were great Test Detourists!

Every year, storytellers gather all over the world for this wonderful conference. It was so great to see how people started to find their stories through all kinds of different theatre games and writing exercises.

Even my mom was a willing participant!

My mother’s just learning to share her own story, because of course, we all have a story worth sharing. You can share see how her writing helped her through hardship in this post. You can also see a similar detour workshop that I lead for teenagers at the International Youth to Youth Leadership Conference.

Doesn’t have a Detour in life? In fact…college students have tons of detours, and I’m hoping that my programs can show that it’s never too late to keep going even if your past has your turned your PATH upside down!

 What is your story worth sharing?  WE all have one!  But sometimes it takes a long time to verbalize a struggle that we’re going through. But we need to express that in order to transform it. So I hope these workshops health of it, and in this post, I’m sharing some  of the worksheets I gave out, where participants could express their own detours through poems and writing.

In these workshops, we acted, juggled (well some of us did!) played, wrote, drew and expressed….and detoured!


First, we did some movement exercises, and eventually started tO share our detours through poems and maps…detour maps!

Here are some worksheets that might help you start traveling your own detour:

Hero’s Journey Worksheet

Draw Your Messy, Beautiful Detour


Also be sure to fill out my Detour Navigation Worksheet for some thought provoking questions to get you started.

Everyone has a “detour” in life – something that doesn’t go as we plan.

But those detours make our stories. Read my article for Huffington Post: Turn Your Life Into the Best Story You’ve Ever Read.

A detour is many things – unexpected, a nuisance, difficult, hard to grapple with, frustrating, – but it can be beautiful. By sharing our stories, we rewrite our own narratives, rediscover our true identities, foster compassionate communities, and become travel partners on these journeys with no straight path. Through this, we gain adaptability and create a positive, empowered attitude toward obstacles in life.
“Detours” in life are everyday blessings.

When life takes an unexpected detour...

A detourist travels along detours – simple enough.  But in addition, a detourist embraces those unexpected routes as opportunities for growth, change and self-fulfillment.

Are you a Detourist?

Of course you’re a are!  Now let me know why with #LoveMyDetour!

Learn more about the movement making us all stronger together, HERE!


And don’t forget to learn all about Northeast Storytelling, formerly the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling (LANES), is a regional 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting storytelling and supporting storytellers in the Northeast. Our members are storytellers, educators, clergy, listeners, librarians, therapists, and everyone who loves to tell and listen to stories.

So…what’s YOUR detour?

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