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Thanks to all who came to see Gutless & Grateful at the Metropolitan Room this weekend!  

Check out the event at  If you missed this round in New York, I’ll be back on June 30th, at 54 Below!

But here’s the best surprise:  Jordan Matter, an amazing photographer/artist/human took some great photos – check them out here!

In an amazing twist of events, it also happens that he took my headshots at 17 years old, right before my coma.

Which I didn’t discover until years later, when finding an amazing book of his…

Read the story here: 

The Letter That Made Me Feel Whole Again After My Coma 

Artistic Collaborators Galore!

It means so much to me to be supported by such amazing people at Gutless and Grateful tonight! Jordan Matter the photographer artist extraordinaire, Anthony Lucca, an amazing pianist who I’m currently collaborating with on a new musical, and Amanda Connors, a director who will be working with me on a new solo project,and many more artists who are not in this picture, including , Malik Work,  Mike Michael Finnigan (we’re working on a musical based on Persephone together!) Chuk ObasiRandee Mia Elaheh Farm, and MandaLeigh Blunt (who I wrote  a feature on for her wonderful new musical theatre composer organization, The Artemis Collective.) 

You can learn more about Gutless and Grateful at…including where I’ll be NEXT!


Gutless & Grateful on NBC!

“Born with Broadway on her brain, Amy shares her inspiring journey through songs. Her song choices always illuminate her story and range. Toward the end Amy incorporates a song written for her by David Friedman and Kathie Lee Gifford (“Still Alive”) and a song written by her (“Lost in the Corner”). Through this amazing range of songs every emotion is beautifully illustrated.

Ms. Oestreicher is an engaging performer and, at the performance I attended, showed great poise when a recalcitrant computer made it necessary for her to deliver the two Sondheim selections a capella and, even though they are tricky (when is Sondheim not?), she delivered amazing performances. The audience was with her 100%, awed by her resilience in the face of adversity that would crush most people.” – William Osner (

Gutless, Grateful and Giving Back

Theatre is about giving back.  Read about how I’m using theatre to help sponsor a young girl’s first education.

 It’s been amazing touring the show as a fundraising and advocacy event for so many amazing causes!  Gutless and Grateful was a hit at the Metropolitan Room for the theatre crowd this weekend, and I can’t wait to take it to Arizona next month!

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