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“This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.” 


I tried Daily Body Restore and I highly recommend it!

Daily Body Restore is something that I started taking because of my many gut issues, and I’ve definitely started feeling better.  

Daily Body Restore combines probiotics and digestive enzymes to help restore your body’s good bacteria & helps support digestive and immune health. The  were originally developed by DBR™’s founder, Kim Shafer for her family. She and her family had some health issues that certain enzymes and probiotics seemed to improve. The problem was that Kim had to buy multiple types of probiotics and digestive enzymes which was expensive and required taking a lot of supplements daily. Most if not all of those products had ingredients that Kim didn’t want. Ultimately a decision was made to formulate everything that she wanted but without artificial colors, flavors, dairy or gluten.

So she decided to create an all-natural alternative, based on science, her passion to help her family, and holistic elements She found that the digestive system has several parts working as a whole. In Kim’s opinion, absorbing nutrients from the food that we eat is as important as supplementing our good bacteria.

Digestive Enzymes help to break down and absorb nutrients from foods. Daily Body Restore combines multiple enzymes, two types of strains of probiotics and multiple species of both probiotic strains. Kim wanted to supplement good bacteria in the small and large intestines.

So this one little supplement has 19 ingredients (10 Enzymes and 9 Probiotics) and each one is great for your gut.  And even better…look how all natural this is!



Awesome, right?  And I found that I started feeling better…and apparently it’s not just me: 

In a study, four weeks of supplementation with Daily Body Restore® led to a 47 percent decrease in harmful LDL cholesterol and a 32 percent increase in beneficial HDL cholesterol in peripheral blood in experimental animals. Eight weeks of supplementation showed a reduction of 78% in LDL cholesterol serum concentrations and an increase in 52 percent of HDL relative to baseline. Daily Body Restore® improved cholesterol break down in a simulated gut microenvironment. 

This company is so great in so many ways:

They study their formulations and even do scheduled  calls with their customers for their individual needs. And remember, these are products that the CEO and her family use themselves

Check out the DBR website –

And I’m so excited to offer my readers in the US a discount code: DBRINTRO  – If you are a  first time purchaser, you get  33% off purchase price! The normal price is $29.95, and now the price is $20 with a  discount code.  They also  offer discounted pricing to those that are active or retired public service employees and to approved customers that have a limited income.

I would highly recommend Daily Body Restore.  My body has felt revitalized after using this product, and definitely restored.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” 

Don’t forget to check out the DBR website!

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