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I was excited to be featured in Teena Hughe’s Top 50 Marketing Tips for Successful Women…

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Here’s a sneak peak!

Here are some more of my favorite marketing and networking tips:

  • Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, a pretty useful thing these days, and something that revolutionized the world.  So listen to him well when he says, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  • Now let’s get cracking: anyone who wants to start their own business needs to promote it. So use networking and promotion as an opportunity not only as a career woman, but to meet new people and be exposed to new ideas.  Allow networking to inspire you as a whole person rather than just as a business.
  • Also, there is no secret to promotion and networking.  It’s tedious, tie-consuming, frustrating, and a lot of work, sometimes seeming pointless when you hardly hear back.  But you never know if that 568th email might affect someone…
  • And a good rule of thumb for networking: be fearless and shameless, but courteous and civil. So boldly reach out to people who inspire you, but know that there is appropriate time and place for everything.
  • In addition, do your “job homework”: don’t be lazy with your computer.  Learn how to use it.  Just as you would never show up in pajamas for a job interview, make sure your formatting is clean, clear and easy to read.  Spreadsheets can be your best friend.
  • Your goal can be to make a living doing what you love – i.e. ideally, your life shouldn’t be about just “making a living.”   Know that at the end of the day, you are human, not a robot and not a saint. So if you have to work hard along the way toward your dream job, work hard — and then know when to change into slippers and watch a romantic comedy!
  • Lastly, if things are stalled right now, know that the boat of opportunity will always come around.  If you miss it this time, just keep your eyes peeled for the next time.
  • Motivation Booster: Read this article on getting started on a big project by taking small steps.

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