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“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

What a treat! I was just given The Spoonie Essential Box as a VERY generous gift.


The Spoonie Essentials Box a monthly subscription box for th echronically ill. How amazing is that?  When I was in the hospital for months…and month, I would have loved to receive something like this.  

But better late than never!

This is not just a beauty box, it’s a box inspired by “spoonies,” which is a term for living with an illness you can’t see. “The idea behind this box came from the firsthand experience of going in-and-out of the hospital as you fight a chronic-illness that no one can see. Being in the hospital and wishing there was some sort of “Chronic Disease Survival Pack” for all the things forgotten at home, or staying at home to rest and having friends visit without knowing exactly what they could do to support during a flair; inspired this box.” That’s the mission statement behind this inspiring creatorThey created the #SpoonieEssentialsBox we wanted to find a way to support other Spoonies, and to let people know that they’re not alone and to give them amazing self-care goodies to “nourish their mind, strengthen their heart, heal their body, feed their soul, and comfort their spirit.”

Check out this package and all the amazing options at  Let’s just say that…as soon as I unwrapped my care package of awesomeness, my mother was insanely jealous!

“While no amount of #SpoonieEssentials can take any Spoonie’s pain or illness away, receiving handpicked Spoonie approved monthly goodies is the next best alternative. ”  And that’s the truth.  Unfortunately, some symptoms of an invisisible illness feel unfair, and they don’t go away.  But what CAN you do?  You can always show yourself self-love.  This monthly care package is ALL about pampering – because us spoonies deserve it.  

Actually, it’s even about more than self-love.  It’s also about showing the world how amazing we are, and educating the world about the realities of chronic-illness. This box helps everyone celebrate invisible-illness awareness, friends and family are exposed to a means by which they may better understand chronic-illness and help cope with its symptoms.

I grew up thinking an “illness” was a sick-day, an excuse to miss a day of school. At 18 years old, “illness” took on an entirely different meaning. Illness meant waking up from a coma, learning that my stomach exploded, I had no digestive system and I was to be stabilized with IV nutrition until surgeons could figure out how to put me back together again. Illness meant a life forever out of my control and a body I didn’t recognize.  What happened to me physically had no formal diagnosis.  I didn’t fit into any category. Suddenly, I was just “ill.” I became surgical guinea pig, subject to medical procedures, tests and interventions, as devoted medical staff put hours into reconstructing and reconstructing me, determined to give me a digestive system and a functional life.   I was shocked and saddened that I could never get my old, unwounded body back. But what really startled me was realizing what had happened to my mind. PTSD. I had never heard those letters put together before. I knew what “trauma” was, but I didn’t know it could cause so much internal dis-ease and dis-order — illness that I couldn’t see.

But I felt like this package was specially made for me – I felt seen with these self-care gems.  Every box is individually, custom picked to “nourish the mind, warm the heart, comfort the soul, fuel the body, and brighten the day of every Spoonie subscriber.”  Oh, and check out these adorable themes –  “NAMA-STAY in BED”, (my personal favorite!) “Pill Popper”, “Save the Spoons”, “Pillows & Pajamas”, “Certified Big Spoon”, and many more. 

Sometimes, subscription packages can be confusing or overwhelming – at least for me. But this was super-easy to do and understand. All you do is full out a membership form, pick a #SpoonieEssentialsBox subcription package, and it’s shipped to you.  Every month you get  5-8 items to spark your day with love and positivity, including DIY projects, arts and crafts, tokens of love, and  all-natural health and wellness goodies. You can even get special birthday packages.

This isn’t just a monthly care package for chronic-illness fighters! As the site says…this is a community.  So what are you waiting for?  Seriously – You can even get 10% off when you add your friends & family to the S.E.B.F.F Club!
“One more person understanding that invisible diseases are very real and chronically-ill people are VISIBLE is one step closer to the ULTIMATE GOAL of inspiring someone to find a cure.”

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