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Have you ever taken a detour in your career and wondered why things weren’t going as you planned? You’re going to love this week’s guest, Amy Oestreicher, CEO of Gutless & Grateful. Amy survived an unexpected bloodclot & stomach rupture that left her in a coma for months, followed by 27 surgeries, organ failure, on-going trauma and PTSD over the next 10 years. That’s quite a detour!


You will be incredibly inspired by her journey back to wholeness and a satisfying career, using creativity as her lifeline. She gratefully discovered the “upside of obstacles.”  Today, Amy is a PTSD specialist, artist, author, TEDx & RAINN speaker, award-wining actress, playwrite and mental health advocate.

Amy is the recipient of Convatec’s “Great Comebacks Award”. Her story has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, CBS, Cosmopolitan and over 70 online and print publications including the Huffington Post.


This week’s hot topics will cover:  



  • Transforming Adversity into Creative Growth
  • The Four Hardcore Skills to Resilience
  • How to Love your Detours & Achieve Lofty Goals


As the creator of Gutless & Grateful, her one-women autobiographical musical, Amy has toured theatres nationwide. She also premiered her drama, Imprints, at NYC Producers Club in May 2016, about how trauma affects the family as well as the victim.

Her #LoveMyDetour campaign helps others cope with unexpected events. “Detourism” is also the subject of her upcoming TEDx talk and book My Beautiful Detour.

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