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I had an amazing time with incredible wellness, fitness and mental health superheroes speaking on the DOCZ Panel this week!

You can watch the Facebook Live Feed here:

Mental Health, Wellness and Fitness

I’ve always felt there was a connection between the mind and the body. It was an incredible experience speaking at a mental health, wellness and fitness panel in New York last week with three amazing individuals:  

  • Jeremy Greenberg is CEO of Flyte Fitness, an exercise equipment and education company based in New York City. 
  • Megan Densmore went from debilitating Fibromyalgia symptoms to being able to realize life long dreams of competitive athletics

The entire panel was broadcast live, and so far, it’s received over 3600 views! You don’t want to miss this discussion.  Much has been written regarding the overlap of mental health and fitness/wellness.   Docz is a wonderful mental health app, and I was honored to speak on a panel of nationally-recognized entrepreneurs and advocates who will share their narratives and the role mental health/fitness/wellness has had on their own personal journeys.

Watch the Facebook Live broadcast seen around  the world by thousands here.

And stay tuned for where I’ll be speaking next…another TEDx Talk on February 25th in Virginia!


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