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The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. – Steve Jobs

How do you “brand” your adversity? Listen to my podcast here!

“I recently had the pleasure of interviewing TEDx Speaker Amy Oestreicher.

If you think your setbacks and challenges are holding you back – then you must listen to Amy’s interview on The CareerMetis Podcast.
Trust me, my struggles and challenges will feel minimal and insignificant compared to what Amy had to endure.

Amy shares her struggles and challenges ; and how she has managed to bounce back from her adversities. Today she is an accomplished Public speaker, blogger and inspires thousands with her blog and speeches.

Thanks Amy Oestreicher for sharing your story..”

Thanks Nissar Ahamed!
Here’s my podcast interview: How to handle a career setback:…/
And congrats to Nissar for earning a spot in the Top Career Blogs to read of 2017!

 Amy Oestreicher
has a multifaceted career ranging from speaking, art, writing plays and acting, to writing for the Huffington Post, Speaking on the TEDX stage and writing her own book.

Shaped by the adversities she’s faced, Amy went from being unable to eat, drink or live a normal life, to writing a musical, starting her own business and providing awareness and support to the world.


1. Amy Oestreicher talks about the mountain of adversity she had to face, and the good things that came as a result of her unexpected circumstances.

2. She talks about her show: Gutless and Grateful, how it helped her heal and how it grew.

3. Amy tells me how she manages everything she’s involved in

4. She discusses TEDX and what goes into securing that opportunity.

5. Amy talks about how much of one’s personal story should be shared.


“Creating was how I was proving to myself that I was alive”.

“It takes time to grow”.

“There are a lot of healthy ways to deal with feelings of adversity, but find these ways rather than say ‘I can’t, or I shouldn’t be doing this”.

“Negative things are real, but we don’t need o let them get bigger””.

“There is a power to spreading your business with the power of a personal story”.

“When all else fails, label a paper from A to Z and make yourself come up with one thing you’re grateful for for every letter.”.


To learn more about Amy Oestreicher visit her website. She can also be reached out via Twitter or Facebook.

Watch Amy’s TEDX Talk : Follow Your Road, Find Your Flower

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