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I love books – if you read my blog, you’ll have that figured out by now.

But..I recently read something truly life-changing.

Read a book that will change your life – or see the documentary, The Connection:

So what is the connection?

The Connection features six true stories of people who have added mind body medicine to their approach to healing a chronic illness.

As someone who’s struggled with ten years of chronic llness, I was particularly excited to dig into this.

 At 24 years old filmmaker Shannon Harvey was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Her immune system had become hyperactive and was attacking normal, healthy tissues. Her muscles and joints were inflamed and she was told if her disease progressed she could end up with organ failure, or wheelchair bound.  In search of a cure, Shannon tried everything from drugs to alternative therapies and everything in between. But she was still sick. Then she realized there was a connection between her mind and body…something she could proactively do something about!

The Connection is a film about how frontier research is proving that there is a direct connection between your mind and your health.
This REALLY resonated with me.  After all – I wrote an entire full length drama on how the mind and body are related after trauma – and in fact, how months of being sexually abused by my voice teacher contributed to the physical trauma that came shortly after my abuse had ended.  

In my article, Could Playwriting Prove a Coma? I describe the link I’ve always felt between the mind and body.

I also talk about it in my one-woman musical, Gutless & Grateful.


Reading and viewing The Connection solidified this instinct I’ve always possessed.

The film features scientists, researchers, writers and doctors, as well as remarkable true stories of people adding mind body medicine to their healing toolkit to recover from severe back pain, heart disease, infertility, cancer and multiple sclerosis.  The film shows that we have a choice – we are not powerless against our physical ailments!

In fact, we can counter the harmful affects of stress with an equally powerful relaxation response triggered through specific techniques such as meditation.

“We have more say in our own health than even our doctors.”
Jon Kabat Zinn, Ph.D.
Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This was an amazing documentary to watch – and the greatest part is that the conversation doesn’t ned wth the book or film! After you’re done, check out their blog about integrating the latest science in mind body medicine into our everyday lives.

Whether it’s recovering after a heart attack, coming back from incurable cancer, healing severe back pain, becoming pregnant after an infertile diagnosis, or recovering from multiple sclerosis, the stories are real and remarkable in their simplicity. That’s what makes this so thrilling to read and watch.

Each person takes a different approach to his or her recovery.  Their stories show the power of stress reduction, relaxation, group support, meditation, faith, belief and finding emotional balance through things like professional therapy.

While each of the people featured in the film is committed to their mind body practice, they also believe their approach should be used in conjunction with best modern medical practice.

“I was a terminal patient. I had Stage IV Melanoma. And here I am, cancer free 6 ½ years later.”

Scott Stephens is not the typical kind of person you would expect to find meditating under a tree for two hours a day. The Aussie carpenter loved nothing more than going to the pub, having barbecues with friends and surfing. But at 24 years old, he was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer.

Read more about the film’s true stories of healing.

Mind body research is now in a golden age with scientists around the world learning increasingly more about how the mind and body interact. They study things such as the physiology of the stress response and how we can counter its harmful effects with the relaxation response.

What does this mean? Relax. Meditate. Chill out. It’s better for you than you know.

What I really appreciate about The Cnnection…is how connected it is. After the book or film, you can stay connected through…

I can’t say enough good things about The Connection. That’s why I started #LoveMyDetour–  a campaign inspiring people to flourish because of, rather than in spite of challenges.  #LoveMyDetour aims to encourage growth and healing by sharing our stories; to transform communities by inspiring people to open their minds and reframe their view of “detours” into a new direction for life.  In The Connection, you can read their True Healing Stories and realize you’re not alone.

The great part is, there are many ways to catch the documentary. You can stream it, download it, or have a DVD sent to you!  You can even host your own private screening, or attend one nearby.

So watch it, view it, share it. What do you think?

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