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It's AIRPlay by the On Air Players- a weekly radio theatre program Hosted by Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger, 
Lani Cerveris-Cataldi,Joe Izen and Jim Hetrick
Produced by Rachel Love Visit the AIRPLAY site at


Coni Koepfinger hosts today’s Air Play. With Interview of Amy Oestreicher. Plus Highlights from Amy’s Live Performance
Listen to the episode here.
I had a great time on this podcast! Not only did I get to perform some excerpts and share some behind-the-scenes stories, I got to hear another actress perform my monologues from this one-woman musical about my life!  Definitely check this out!
Don’t forget to check out Gutless & Grateful next month at New York’s Metropolitan Room on February 5th and March 26th!
P.S. You can perform my monologues tooLearn more and send me a note if you’re an actor wanting some great audition material!


Every time I do the show, I like to share a bit about what this show has always meant for me:

Making a Framework

14199414_10154601525618777_1248574055095286126_nCompleting the framework for Gutless and Grateful was a huge revelation for me when I premiered my show in 2012.  These seemingly incoherent pieces of my life – fragments of trauma, nonsensical and illogical events wounds opening, setbacks, disappointment, uncertainty – everything, when strung together within the framework of a musical, made sense.  I felt more put together once I had put together this structure of my life. Suddenly, things that just felt like setbacks or sidetracks now had imperative meaning.

Reframing My Narrative

14206130_10154568989239658_5430250189317922918_oWhatever unfortunate events that had taken place up until this point, was no matter now. Just as my fear, pain and uncertainty had been instantly transformed on my canvas through my paintbrush, the transformative art of theatre was turning my fragmented, detoured life, the vortex of trauma, into a linear narrative.  Through my artistic expression, I was creating a straight line out of fragments.   My story had a beginning, a middle, an end, a message, a meaning, a mark on this world – which is all I ever really wanted.

The world was going to hear about it now, and I was so grateful.

And that was the title of my show.

Gutless & Grateful.

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