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“You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.” – Hillary DePiano

In honor of the brand new year, I just blogged the Five Greatest Steps to Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever

And I’m grateful I took a dose of my own medicine!  

Hoping this is a sign of good things to come in 2017…


February 25th at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Theme?

TEDxVCU 2017 is on February 25, 2017, and the theme is “Patterns.”

Trends, reoccurring events and circumstances. These are common ways we see patterns. Patterns are the laws of nature and life that present themselves in all disciplines of life – from the smallest microorganism to macrocosm. They manage the systems by which our universe operates. While patterns aren’t always apparent, they are continuous and autonomous.

Our theme explores the various ways patterns present themselves and their significance in our daily existence. TEDxVCU is searching for ideas that:

● define and clarify the existence of patterns
● identify occurrences that establish patterns
● identify occurrences that alter the course of patterns

So what am I talking about?

That’s a surprise….but I’ll give you a hint in my Huffington Post article. Or in this picture…

Or in this  Worksheet for one of my storytelling workshops…

Gutless & Grateful takes a detour…

February 25th was supposed to be a show date for my one-woman musical, Gutless & Grateful, but…


Because of the new TEDx date, my shows for Gutless and Grateful at Metropolitan Room are now Feb. 5th and March 26th at 7pm. So you can still see both 🙂

How I Got My First TEDx Talk…

From a happy-go-lucky musical theatre teen, to surviving sexual abuse, a coma, six years without food or drink, and 27 surgeries, it’s been a very long, detoured journey, and it still isn’t over yet.

Example: Last April, I gave a TEDx Talk about unexpected paths in life. The week after I gave it. I got a divorce. Which I still grapple with.  (Nobody said detours were easy.)

But what makes the journey meaningful, and ultimately rewarding, is the ability to share, and know that you can possibly help someone through their own “detours.” Something I’ve learned over time, is that a Detour is Not a Dead End – which was the title of my first TEDx Talk!  

Watch an inspiring TEDx talk about getting through any “detour” in life! #LoveMyDetour[click to tweet]

Giving the talk was a thrilling experience.  Even being such a shameless musical theatre ham that I am, this was the most nervous I’ve ever been.  Actually, I didn’t realize how nervous I was until I was done…and I started basically hyperventilating!

“How do you get a TEDx Talk?”

Many people have reached out to me and have asked “what it takes” to “get” a TEDx Talk.  So, I’ve put together a little e-book with tips that have helped me. Check it out at

Gutless & Grateful plays the Metropolitan Room on 34 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010, February 5th and March 26th, , both Sundays at 7pm .  If you’re unable to make it, I’ll also be bringing the show to 54 Below on June 9th.  You can learn more at

Stay tuned for TEDx@

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