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As the granddaughter of holocaust survivors, I relied their strength and spirit in order to survive,” Amy says of the inspiration for “Post Traumatic Gifts,” which is now part of the official directory for the National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military.  “Theatre helped me turn adversity and trauma into resilience and spiritual growth.

Amy will be speaking on spirituality and resilience at the 2017 JOFA Conference.

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Following sold-out runs at theatres nationwide and headlining international conferences, TEDx Speaker and award-winning actress/playwright Amy Oestreicher will bring excerpts of her hit one-woman musical Gutless & Grateful to Honolulu as the keynote presentation at this year’s The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance Conference on January 14th at Columbia University.  In this inspirational keynote, “Post Traumatic Gifts,” performer Amy Oestreicher shares a a powerful message that it’s possible to overcome physical and mental health obstacles through interwoven song and dialogue in a primal piece of live storytelling.

Based in part on Amy’s personal experience surviving ten years of medical interventions, sexual abuse and thriving through theatre and creative expression, Post Traumatic Gifts is a program combining storytelling, participatory discussion, creativity, musical performance and a keynote speech.

In 2012, she wrote, directed, and starred in a one-woman musical about her life, Gutless & Grateful, touring theatres across the country for four years, and earning rave reviews and accolades since its BroadwayWorld Award-nominated NYC debut. Finding the gifts of a traumatic experience, Amy calls the past ten years a “beautiful detour,” and gave a TEDx Talk on life as a “Detourist.” Determined to help give a voice to survivors, Amy devised a program that combines Broadway theatre with and mental health advocacy and sexual assault awareness, providing hope, help and resources through theatrical performance and expressive arts workshops.

Having spent the first half of the year at the acclaimed Eugene O ‘Neill Center through the National Theatre Institute, Amy is currently developing Flicker and a Firestarter, a full-length drama based on her own family’s survival in the ICU, centering on the themes of Passover.  Of sharing her story through theatre, Oestreicher comments, “Theatre engages both the creator and audience in a vital conversation for society. I couldn’t imagine more empowering way to communicate such difficult, but important topics.  There’s something we all can learn from adversity.  Theatre is the great equalizer.”

This year’s JOFA Conference is sponsored by The Columbia / Barnard Hillel and the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, and is the premier destination for over 1,000 leaders wishing to explore the intersection of feminist ideals with critical facets of their religious experiences, including race, sexuality, family, and political structures. JOFA expands the spiritual, ritual, intellectual and political opportunities for women within the framework of Jewish law, by advocating meaningful participation and equality for women, to enrich and uplift the entire Jewish people.

Oestreicher also looks forward to bringing Gutless & Grateful back to New York in February at the Metropolitan Room, and in June at 54 Below.

See Oestreicher perform and present “Post Traumatic Gifts” Saturday January 14, 2017 8:00pm – 9:30pm , at The Kraft Center , Columbia University, 606 West 115th Street, New York, NY 10025. More information at

Registration closes on January 6th. You can register at

  See the description on the JOFA website.

January 14th and 15th at Columbia University

The Columbia / Barnard Hillel is a proud sponsor of this year’s JOFA Conference and the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life will be hosting our Saturday night programming. 

The JOFA Conference, held every three years, is the premier destination for over 1,000 supporters of Orthodox feminism to celebrate, strategize, share best practices, and set the direction for innovation and impact in the organized Jewish community. The JOFA Conference explores the intersection of our feminist ideals with critical facets of our halakhic lives and religious experiences, including race, sexuality, family, and political structures. This year’s theme “Charting Your Course,” focuses on empowering individuals and communities to navigate paths to make real progress.

Learn more about Amy’s sexual programs at

teddddAmy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, health advocate, survivor, award-winning actress, and playwright, sharing the lessons learned from trauma through her writing, mixed media art, performance and inspirational speaking.  As the creator of  “Gutless & Grateful,” her BroadwayWorld-nominated one-woman autobiographical musical, she’s toured theatres nationwide, along with a program combining mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness  and Broadway Theatre for college campuses and international conferences.  Her original, full-length drama, Imprints, premiered at the NYC Producer’s Club in May 2016, exploring how trauma affects the family as well as the individual.  To celebrate her own “beautiful detour”, Amy created the #LoveMyDetour campaign, to help others cope in the face of unexpected events.  “Detourism” is also the subject of her TEDx and upcoming book, My Beautiful Detour, available December 2017.  As Eastern Regional Recipient of Convatec’s Great Comebacks Award, she’s spoken to hundreds of healthcare professionals at national WOCN conferences, and her presentations on diversity, leadership and trauma have been featured at National Mental Health America Conference, New England Educational Opportunity Association’s 40 Anniversary Conference, and have been keynotes at the Pacific Rim Conference of Diversity and Disability in Hawaii, the Eating Recovery Foundation First Annual Benefit in Colorado.  She’s contributed to over 70 notable online and print publications, and her story has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, CBS, Cosmopolitan, among others. 

I'm not a victim.

“PTSD has not broken me. It’s taken me apart, and I’m reassembling myself day by day. In the meantime, I’m learning to love what I can build.”

See Oestreicher perform and present “Post Traumatic Gifts” Saturday January 14, 2017 8:00pm – 9:30pm , at The Kraft Center , Columbia University, 606 West 115th Street, New York, NY 10025. More information at

Registration closes on January 6th. You can register at

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