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Has your life taken a curve in the road?

On every Why Not Wednesday weekly feature, I feature a new Detourist every week…When life takes an unexpected detour...


I’m sure your life has taken a detour here and there – we all have detours.  So learn how to share yours here!

This week, let’s meet Rana…

My name is Rana and I’m a detourist.

13473142_1742826632598529_866714965_nGoing through a breakup is hard, it’s distracting, time-consuming and damaging. The healing process is different for everyone, but I found that there are simple things that can be done to help make the process smoother. 
One thing that helped was getting immersed in some of my favourite hobbies like a TV show for example. I would spend as much time as I could immersed in a TV show so that I didn’t have to spend any time actually thinking about what I didn’t want to think about.
Likewise with sleeping. In fact, when I was going through my last breakup, I would sleep really early and wake up as late as I could! I’m not proud of this, but I would take a bunch of sleeping pills to achieve this. I can honestly say that this was one of the things that helped me the most! Sleeping more meant that my days were shorter, and thus I had less time to dwell over certain things. It was like a fast forward through the most difficult part of the breakup, the first few weeks. I think it’s perfectly fine to spend your first few weeks at home being lazy after a breakup. I actually feel like it’s needed!
Spending more times with close friends can also be very helpful. I spent a lot of time talking about the breakup with my close friends at the time and it made me feel much better… Close friends will always support each other in tough times.
Finally, it doesn’t hurt to feel better about oneself. Take a vacation, change your hair colour, have a makeover! It worked with me! Sometimes all a gal (or guy) really needs is a bit of attention and distraction! The following infographic by life coach spotter which provides some simple tips to feel happier almost instantly.

That is why…I #LoveMyDetour

Rana Tarakji is an American – Lebanese female entrepreneur, writer and digital marketer. Rana has been focusing on her online shop Stylerail as well as on freelance writing, and has had articles published on dozens of respected websites and blogs.
Connect with Rana:
Snapchat: ranatarakji


Share your own detour here!

Are YOU a detourist?

All of our journeys continue. So if you don’t know where you’re going yet, don’t worry. It will ONLY lead somewhere…if you keep going!  Thanks, Rana, for showing us that!

I learned that again and again…

And then after the “happy” ending to my detour…


Our job is to find those flowers, which bloom daily, from moment to moment, if we keep our eyes open.

So, now it’s your turn!

Are you a Detourist?
Yep – you totally are!  How can you share your detour?

Safe travels, Detourists!

Watch an inspiring TEDx talk about getting through any “detour” in life! #LoveMyDetour [click to tweet]

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