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Has your life taken a curve in the road?

I’d call that…a detour.

On every Why Not Wednesday weekly feature, I feature a new Detourist every week…

I’m sure your life has taken a detour here and there – we all have detours.  So learn how to share yours here!

But sometimes it helps when we hear the stories of others. They give us footprints to follow.  And I couldn’t be more excited to introduce this week’s Detourist…

My name is Marilyn R. Wilson and I’m a Detourist.

la-model-october-article-image-1-1I had a hard time as a child, struggling unsuccessfully to fit into the very narrow, conservative environment around me. Everyone was required to believe the same . Little blond girls were expected to be sugar, spice and everything nice. Instead I was intense and nosy. I couldn’t sit still. I was impatient and lost my temper quickly. I was bright, but became bored easily. I didn’t fit in. Not what my parent’s were prepared to deal with.


One of the gifts I did have was a tremendous emotional radar. It drew me to others in pain and my heart ached to help them. That gift, plus my personal struggles, drew me to study Psychology.  From my mid-teens  my goal was to become a Counsellor. There was never any doubt that this was my future. The universe, however, had other things in mind.


It was while I was working on my Masters in Counselling and Drug Abuse that my first detour came about. One of my professors, who was actually working in the field outside of teaching, set aside class time to talk about what this career meant on a daily basis.  He had dealt with two patient suicides that year, was working with a father struggling with sexual feelings for his daughter and doing family counselling which at the time was only seeing a 5% success rate. I was floored. I was going into Psychology to be a positive force – changing the lives of others. I knew deep down I could never leave that kind of negativity at the office.

It would be a decade, a marriage, a move from the US to Canada and three kids who had become teenagers before I figured out where that first detour was leading me. It all began with a Craigslist ad (well 2 in the long run). The kids needed very little of my time at this point, so I was looking for a new direction to give me focus. In perusing the online ads, I noticed a New York fashion magazine looking for submissions.

On a whim – and with the thought, “How hard could it be? I got A’s in high school English.” – I sent off three ideas featuring local designers. It didn’t matter that I knew little to nothing of the magazine or fashion industries. To my surprise two were accepted.

It took just a few days to set everything in motion. I headed off to do my first interview with great anticipation and a mini tape recorder in hand. I pushed the record button, asked my first question and the world shifted. Two hours flew by as I listened to the intriguing journey shared by this amazing artist.  There were goosebumps. I instantly knew my life would never be the same. I had found my passion.

Everything came together with interviewing – my intense interest in people, my racing mind and my desire to be of service in a positive way. They offered me the gift of their story. I offered them the gift of a magazine article to promote their work. While the journey from that moment to becoming a published author nine years later was a roller coaster ride with incredible highs and devastating lows, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The stories I share aren’t about the unrealistic and embarrassing role models we see on Reality TV. These are real people living real lives who are embracing their unique journeys without apology. I love what I do and know that giving wings to the stories of others will have a positive impact on the world.

That detour back in my early 20’s drew me away from the career I thought I wanted and in the perfect and right time opened the door to the career I was always meant to have.  I am Leo the Late Bloomer, but in the end just happy I arrived!


And that is why…I #LoveMyDetour

Wow, Thank you Marilyn. There is so much power in sharing our stories.


Share your own detour here!

Are YOU a detourist?

All of our journeys continue. So if you don’t know where you’re going yet, don’t worry. It will ONLY lead somewhere…if you keep going!  Thank you to all of my Detourists so far, for showing us that!

I learned that again and again…

And then after the “happy” ending to my detour…


Our job is to find those flowers, which bloom daily, from moment to moment, if we keep our eyes open.

So, now it’s your turn!

Are you a Detourist?
Yep – you totally are!  How can you share your detour?

Safe travels, Detourists!


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