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 Is there any gift better received than one you can eat?

‘Tis the season for fun, festive gifts, parties and decorations.  There’s candy-canes, chocolate gingerbread houses, and the gift of food to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Food (as I talk about in my TEDx Talk) is more than just for taste.  It awakens an emotional aliveness in us, and brings up memories we hold dear.  Food makes people happy – mind, soul, and stomach.  

So what’s the best gift for the holiday season?  A gift basket filled with truffles?  Peppermint-scented marshmallows?  



Well, then how do you know what kind of food gift is really going to make your special foodie’s day?

Your No-Fail Secret for Foodie Holiday Shopping

Here’s a fun holiday exercise: Go to the supermarket, gourmet food store, gift shop, farmer’s market, or anywhere you feel your foodie might like, and practice role-playing, or mindfulness. Walk through that store as the person you have in mind. Get inside their heads as you take in the whiff of fresh apples, or the bright colors of gumdrops wrapped in shiny cellophane. Pretend this is a movie and you’re playing the lead.  Your hands are reaching out for that bag of kettle corn as your intended gift-getter.  


You could aways get artsy…this is my mixed media art of a dream-meal!

I call it…intuitive holiday shopping!


The Most Creative Foodie Holiday Shopping Tip You’ll Find

The best Foodie gift takes some personalized thought, creativity, and heART. And in honor of that, I’d like to share a rockin’ foodie poem I wrote for my older brother Matt last year. My present to him?

I walked through Whole Foods pretending I was him, and put any edible goodies in my shopping cart that I felt my brother Matt might be craving…


…and when I got home, I put together an epic poem as my holiday card!  So…here it is!

Matt’s Rockin’ Foodie Poem

2012-11-13 14.20.02

Anyone can make art! Here’s how and why.

(Ahem, Ahem.)

Dear Matt,

You claim to be the guy to beat

When it comes to knowing how to eat

But let me tell you, my dear bro

There are some things that you don’t know!

I took a nice stroll through Whole Foods

And found some things for all your moods

I really think that you will favor

All these goodies here to savor!

For the autumn, here’s your fix

A lovely lump of “harvest nut mix!”

I absolutely couldn’t pass by

Some sweet potato chips from “Late July”

In case all this food gives you an ache

Here’s an all-in-one “vega” nutritional shake!

Getting your fiber in can be a pain

But this “bear naked granola” has 15G of whole grain!

No sweets for you, like apple strudel

But I did get you a microwavable Pad Thai Noodle!

Don’t eat people like Hannibal Lectar

But do drink this Turmeric Coconut Nectar@

Nutrition Bars come in flavors that vary

But I promise that you’ll love this food bar in “blueberry”

I know if I didn’t get this, I’d fail

So here’s your fix of “raw leafy kale” (blech!)

This next food bar is double dark chocolate, OH!

It’s bound to be delectable from “NuGO”

To be a Raw Greens superstar

Try this superfood organic energy bar

This next bar was I the refrigerated section

It’s a “perfect foods bar” – so good for digestion

And there can be no substitution

For this “coconut delight” bar from RAW REVOLUTION!

I could have bought you blankets of Egyptian silk

But I hope you’ll settle for this coconut milk

I knew if I didn’t get this, I would not get  break

So here’s “green vibrance” for you nasty shakes

This big raw cookie’s bound to kick some butt

It’s yummy – it’s chocolate hazelnut!

This looks gross enough for Matt

It’s a “Go Chia Nopal!” Raw Power Snack

This drink will make you wanna tango

It’s VitaCoco with peach and mango

If you’re working hard and your eyes start to droop

Heat up some of Wolfgang’s tortilla soup!

Break Free Birds

This next drink is so far from a doozie

How can you go wrong with a Naked Smoothie?

I hope this next bar makes the list

Enjoy your vegan superfood crisp

This next spread will make you stammer and stutter

It’s great in shakes – it’s almond butter!

When your schedule becomes a really big deal

Just blend up this “Amazing Meal”

You don’t need to drive all the way to Tribeca

To get amazing food – this soup is Butternut Azteca!

So Matt, today I truly tried

To take a very Matt-ish stride

And shop for food I thought you’d love

The food I’d guess that you’d dream of

‘Cause Matt, I only want to see

You successful and happy

And I know more than anyone

It takes good food to get things done!

I’m hoping one of these days to

Take a ride to Whole Foods with you

Shopping till we’re full and giddy

Making quips so fond and witty

Find some time for us to chill

So we can talk and get our fill

Catching up on old and new

“Cause that what brothers and sisters do!

Eat these goodies and think of me

Call me up when you are free

We shop, play, eat and make some jokes

I only hang with real cool folks

So you should feel a little flattered

That I think you really matter

Okay, you’re a pretty cool cat

You’re my big brother, awesome MATT!!!

2013-11-23 08.50.16




How Many Foods Did You Recognize?

Recognize any of those items from Whole Foods? Well, Matt had a field day with those giant bags of groceries I brought home.  They may not have been specifically holiday themed, but why go for a gimmick when you can get right to a person’s heart…and stomach?


The Gift of Family

Matt and I have a history of exchanging meaningful gifts.  Check out how Matt changed my view of creativity forever when I was in third grade.  Here’s the most meaningful gift you can get for a kid – thanks Matt!

2013-11-23 08.50.05

I’ve got three awesome brothers. What does family mean to you?

Remember, good gifts for those you love can be moments of goodness, not goods.  , Matt and I love jamming out together…

And the only thing better than the gift of rhyming words and music…is the gift of  rhyming words and delicious groceries for your special foodie someone!


Wanna know about the time I started a chocolate business when I couldn’t eat or drink for years?

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives. -Oscar Wilde

Life is a combination of magic and pasta. -Federico Fellini

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. -George Bernard Shaw


Me and Matt now.

Have a favorite food quote or recipe? Share it below!

You can always check out my favorite pizza recipe, and how it changed my life.  Or one of my specialties – a recipe for fresh Zoodles Stroganoff!

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