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As I say in my TEDx Talk, I’m passionate about stories. Being able to place the events in my life into a “story” and finally share it is what allowed me to heal.  So, I was very excited to be featured on the “No Extra Words” Podcast to celebrate this year’s Tellabration ™!

downloadTellabration ™
is an international day of storytelling put on by the National Storytelling Network.

Across the country and across the world, storytelling events large and small are put on, but to our knowledge No Extra Words’ storytelling event is the only all-digital Tellabration ™ event.  We have invited podcasters large and small to tell their stories in their own special way to celebrate the audio storytelling done on podcasts every day.



Podcasters telling their stories on this episode are:

Links will take you to the podcast website or search for your favorite in your favorite podcast app.

Help and inspiration for my commentary came from Anne Lamott’s fabulous book Stitches: a handbook on meaning, hope, and repair.

Our thanks for help on this episode to our fabulous podcast hosting service Libsyn and to the community at She Podcasts.

The campfire sounds on this episode come to us from the Free Sound Project, user matucha, with our thanks.

As always, theme music for this episode is “Aria Variata” by Bach, played by Brandon Kinsella. It is in the public domain and comes to us courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

No Extra Words is weekly podcast of great English language short stories under 2,000 words. Learn more about the “No Extra Words” Podcast here.


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