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“There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays.”

…Or how ’bout a song?

(Meet my awesome brother Matt.  Here’s why he’s awesome.  And here’s how he helped me find the awesomeness in boredom – even the Monday blahs.)

Happy Monday!  Come out, come out wherever you are!

There’s plenty we can find to be grateful for on ANY ordinary day, and if nothing’s coming immediately to mind...Turn Your Life Into the Best Story You’ve Ever Read…by soaking up some kid inspiration…

Children’s Book Inspiration…


I’d love to share with you a favorite children’s book of mine called “The Soul Bird” by Michael Snunit.  The message is simple, we have a “soul bird” within us who has thoughts, feelings and dreams.  It’s a beautiful way to visualize the self and soul within us and understand why it might feel the way it feels. Here’s an excerpt:
“Deep within us lies the soul, and in the soul lives a special bird.  The bird opens and closes the drawers of our soul, in which lie all our feelings: there is a drawer for jealousy, one for happiness, one for love, one for every human emotion.  Only the soul bird keeps the keys to these drawers and opens them when we ask it to.  Sometimes the bird is contrary and opens the wrong drawer – instead of silence, there is speech; when we most want to be patient and calm, there is anger.  How can we hear the bird’s message and find out more about our true selves?”
This also reminds me of The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupery – I was actually assigned this by my 10th grade English teacher who told me this book would change my life forever.  This children’s book is chock full of precious images, messages and thoughts you’ll ponder the rest of your life.
Some of these quotes I’ve thought of time and time again and every time it means something different.
Here are some precious quotes from The Little Prince, and my own mixed media art that represents these quotes, for me.
“It is such a mysterious place, the land of tears.” 

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 


Do you know the most wonderful thing about children’s books?

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They remind us that there is NO wrong way to express ourselves.  


Sing a song, do a dance, cook a meal, write a sentence in an empty journal.  

Send a card, call a friend, shout out the car window.  Humans weren’t meant to live in their own isolated vacuums.

So what’s so important about getting out of our “vacuums?”

It means that we all go through bumps in the road.  We can all run into mental or physical health snags, or, those darned DETOURS, just when we think we have our lives all figured out.

So if we’re all going through something…

…express it. Talk about it. Feel it.  First for yourself, and then, whenever you’re ready…


Some favorite highlights from last year’s Mental Health America Conference!

…with someone else.

Sharing Your Story Turns One Voice Into OUR Voice

That’s why I’m participating in #MyNameOurVoice.  Because when we start to open up and talk about something difficult in our past or present, it loses its power over us.


And then we control our paths.  

It means our detours are now a road of our own design!

So put that in your pipe compass and smoke steer it!


So, whenever you’re ready, do a little free-writing, try some easy creativity exercises, or tweet me @amyoes with #LoveMyDetour, and let me know you’re traveling one of those bumpy roads too.

detour paint 6

Safe travels, Detourists!

What’s your favorite children’s book?



A NYC performance of Gutless & Grateful…and I’ve got a few NYC performances coming up this year!

P.S….I’m still sharing my story through Gutless and Grateful...but check out the new project I’m working on, and the two amazing women who inspired it!


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