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Are you a creative activist?  

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I really like the word “Activist” – it’s an action word.  To me, it means you’re acting for something you believe in.

I’m honored nominated by WEGO Health as a Health Activist.  I’m honored to consider myself a sexual assault activist.  And now I’m honored to join 24 amazing minds and hearts as Creative Activists, sharing two months worth of wisdom in the 2016 Creative Activist Summit.

If you’re a creative activist, you’re using creativity as a mindset to make a different in this world, however that may be achieved by you..  Only YOU have the power to make your mark on this world with your unique creative mark that nobody else can. How cool is that? (Check out “The Messiest Way to Keep Your Fire Alive“)

I talk about what it means to be a Creative Activist and how you can be one too.  You can get exclusive access to my talk here.

  • Do you believe you were put here to Serve a Higher Purpose?
  • Would you like to Make a Difference, but need help Finding Your Path?
  • Is your goal to be a Change Agent, while Reaching for Your Big Dream?


Creative Activists are people who use media and the arts for social impact.  These creative powerhouses develop and launch projects that use the power of story to raise awareness, drive change and awaken people to the potential of creating solutions to challenging local and global problems.

Listen to my CA Presentation here:’

I was honored to speak among two dozen other incredible creative activists, including my personal idol, Marianne Williamson. You can still get access to the other great speakers that were amazingly able to get together for one action-packed summit.  Check them out here.

Guest Expert -Amy Oestreicher

Amy Oestreicher is an actress, musician, composer, dancer, writer and artist. She shares her incredible story of traversing the detours of life. In her case a teenager having to survive and thrive through a coma and 27 surgeries, PTSD and sexual assault and healing through performance and art.

“What I realized is although my story is really extreme, the emotions I experienced, you know the pain, the anger, the frustration and the uncertainty, and they’re things we all go through. So at the end of the day, who cares if it’s a life altering trauma or a little curve in the road and that’s not minimize things. That’s actually to draw commonality and that’s where we get the empathy.”

Learn more about Amy Oestreicher here.

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We believe in the power of adventurous spirits who see the world through curious eyes, courageously seeking radical change by sharing the world’s most relevant stories. We are artists & workers, dreamers & doers – ordinary people who care.

So what do you think…are YOU a creative activist?

You can download Amy’s free creativity e-book here.

We all start somewhere.. (1)

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