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“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
So.  What if you’ve already accepted that “anyone can be creative…”
…but you still don’t know where to start?
Here’s where to look for inspiration…



Inspiration is everywhere these days!

1.) Start Outside.

 A nature walk makes for a great “scavenger hunt of discovery.”  Try to spot something “alive in nature…”
And doodle it!

Find four great nature tips here.

Here’s a song I recorded, “Hello World” that expresses the beautiful aliveness of nature…

2.) Find a song with a great message

When I’m in my art studio for hours, I leave the radio on all day – so I’m bound to hear quite a few repeats!  This song by X Ambassadors, however, I don’t mind being overplayed.  Have you seen the video for Renegade?
 You’ll meet several individuals who might seem impaired in some way
– but they are achieving amazing things and you’re bound to be inspired.
What limits are you putting on yourself today?

3.) Find an UNLIMITING Affirmation

Find any inspirational quote – no matter how far-fetched or hokey, and tell yourself that JUST FOR TODAY…you are going to believe it.

If you feel like life's suddenly shattered to pieces... 

4.) 30 days of Life Lessons…

For 30 days, try to write one one new thing you’ve learned.
It could be about your world, a new fun fact, someone you know, or something you’ve discovered about yourself.
After 30 days, you’ll be able to appreciate all of those beautiful “flowers” that grew just because of your detour!
art therapy
What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself today?
Comment on the #LoveMyDetour Facebook page…or this post!
Want another free 30-day activity?
Try my free 30 Day Creativity Adventure printable – and send to a creative buddy!

5.) Use Art for the Tough Stuff

I try to teach myself lessons through art.  This art wasn’t for anyone but myself.  I was thinking about life after my trauma and how for a while, it was difficult to bring music back into my life.


When the  trauma left me dead inside, I turned to the world around me for magic.

to find the life in it to bring life into myself.  I worked from the outside in.  I relied on nature and the trees to inspire me with wonder.


6.) Think Disney.

I just pretended the world was a Disneyworld ride, and tried to be as awed by every little sight I noticed as I would in one of those cars moving steadily down a stream in It’s A Small World.

This “magic” is what has always made me crazy about life.  Those stories in my head have entertained me for as long as I can remember.  My imagination has carried me through since I was a little girl.

Trauma made me feel that for a while, I lost the girl I knew.

7.) Do Something Every Day for a MONTH

Try my free 30 Day Creativity Adventure printable – and send to a creative buddy!

My approach to healing?

Rediscovering your passion for the world.
Just look at the magic hidden right before your eyes.  The magic is enough  to heal, step by step.


How can you put the magic back into your life?

My three quick answers….
  1. Read my article about why Creativity is the Only Mindset You’ll Ever Need
  2. Download my free creativity e-book (because it’s free…and creative!)
  3. Read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic – it’s amazing!

8.) Life Long Lessons can Lead to Happiness and…Success

Imagine if you jotted down one lesson you’ve learned every day of your life – you could write an encyclopedia of lessons by now!


If you had to assign a lesson to each of your years on earth, what would some of the key ones be?  <Tweet This!>  
Remember: Ever my life lesson is a flower from your detour.
What flower will you find on your unexpected path? #LoveMyDetour!
“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”
― Chico Xavier

We all start somewhere..

Try one-on-one creativity coaching with me, or just get a free e-book as an instant download here!

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