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By the time you finish this post, you’ll have a slew of new ideas to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others through creativity.

What are you creating-


Plus, if there’s a hashtag in front of it, it’s a big deal 🙂  In all seriousness, Art is important – see, Telegraph says it even fights off disease!


Can creativity save you life?  YES.

So stop what you’re doing…right now!!!


I’d like you to take an Art Break.  Check out my Patreon page to see how I’m getting crafty every day!


I fell into art accidentally. For me, all it was was a way to get my thoughts sorted out before I was actually able to speak them. I think creativity is a mindset—it gets us seeing situations in a different way.   It’s a good practice for life.

When I come to my canvas, I approach it as whatever I learn here, it’s something I need to take with me throughout the day. I’m going to let my mistakes happen on the canvas and make that work. Art forces us to explore new avenues when a paint stroke doesn’t go like we think it will.


Check out what else I made during this residency here.

Since we all have detours and we all need to practice what it feels like to travel and navigate them, let’s broaden that definition of what it means to be creative. It could be cooking a meal, doodling, taking a picture – or what you’re doing in your daily job like spreadsheets.

fish art

I think that’s why art is such a cool thing, it’s all about having that child-like wonder and a fearlessness to make mistakes and work with them.  That’s what my TEDx Talk is about!

Plus, it’s Art Break month and a perfect time to start!


I try to take art breaks regularly – check out my mixed media gallery here.

Art is Moving

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams
Art Break Month is sponsored by a great foundation Art is Moving.

I’m extremely proud to be representing Connecticut in the “I Am An Artist” Series created by the wonderful foundation Art Is Moving.

I can’t say I’m completely opposed to their mission statement:

Art is Moving’s Vision

  • To show that art needs to be everywhere and experienced by everyone.
  • To get more people involved in the art world and get the art world more involved in the public.
  • To show that art breaks down boundaries in many ways.
  • To promote the notion that creating art should be a daily practice.
  • For art to be accepted by professionals and the general public as an important tool for social and cultural interaction and growth, education, creativity, health, and happiness.
Check out their website to see how you can participate in Art Break Day!
 I just received this from them in my inbox:

“Give yourself a giant kudos for taking the leap to be a creator everyday this September. As you know, at your core, art making and its amazing process feeds your soul, gives life meaning, and is so frick’n empowering.

Are you ready? Have you made preparations for this 30 day journey?

Here are some of my ideas to help you prepare for this amazing and beautiful adventure:

  • Plan ahead. Buy a journal or composition book to map out and plan your 30-days of art
  • Make time. Block out your creative time on your calendar ~ make a schedule
  • Be organic. One day maybe you want to create for 5 minutes. The next day maybe you’ll go art crazy for 5 hours. Give yourself that creative freedom
  • Observe and take note. Notice where in time and life you are right now and granting the space within you to create
  • Befriend your inner critic. Who cares if you miss a day? Just begin again and take the leap. Just do it! Check this motivational video out HERE  and smile!
  • Enjoy the ride. This is an amazing experiment in the Art and Life.
  • Lastly, always remember any negativity that comes up in this 30 day challenge, is asking you to heal and transform it. It needs attention and wants your love. Find that space and create because that is the space you’ll find treasure and pure gold.

So be sure to create this month…and every month, if you’re loving it so far!

Wish In A Bottle

So transform your living space, doodle on a napkin, bake a vibrant hue of red velvet cake – spray paint to music – GO!

Or check out which is a random art prompt generator – how cool is that?

Artists who inspire me


The more I learn about art and some really amazing artists, the more inspired I am by them.  Also, the more I see reflections of my own work in some artists I truly admire.  For example…
The romance and whimsy of Chagall…
The poignant cut-outs of Matisse…
The personal narratives so imminent in Frida Kahlo’s work…
The crazy-beautiful abstractions by Kandinsky…
The passion for color and vibrancy in nature by Van Gogh…
(My paintings are obviously the ones on the right hand side!)
Every now and then, I even try to push myself on the occasional still life…
I could go on and on, but I think it is so important, when we are studying a craft, to learn about those who came before us.  It can inspire us, provoke us, give us insight into the past and move our own work forward.  I try to get to any kind of art museum every chance I get, and I’m always scavenging for the latest art books at Barnes & Noble.

Getting Involved: Where should you start?

What are creative ways that you get involved in your community?  As a kid, I remember admiring my mother bringing food to people’s homes for Meals on Wheels.  Later on, I started leading singalongs for elderly homes.  It’s wonderful to contribute to organizations or programs near you by doing what you love.  I

There are so many ways to be generous, to help others, to give back, simply by doing what you love.  Giving back connects us, and giving love makes us feel love in return, helping us overcome any obstacle.

World in Her Hands

Art Gives Back

Have you teamed up with a group near you to give back?  Tell me about it or send me a picture. I’d love to learn about them and share the information on my site – together we are stronger!  These are some of my favorite causes for art, healing and creative expression.

Blue Tree

Creating Art is a Way to Tell Your Story

The Tree That Swallowed the Sky

Once we start telling our stories, it’s hard to stop.  Realizing we’re not alone is exciting!!!

So join the movement with Art is Moving and tell your story (or take a BREAK from your story) with Art Break Month!  You can always read some of my tutorials to get you started, or my personal source of craft inspiration–


Safe travels, Detourists, and happy creating!

What are you going to create this month?

We all start somewhere.. (1)

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