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MITF17-smallGutless & Grateful is the one-woman musical autobiography of Amy Oestreicher, who takes her audience on a comedic journey of hope, resilience and gratitude after a blood clot caused her stomach to literally explode at 18 years old. – BroadwayWorld

Thanks for everyone who came out to see Gutless and Grateful at Midtown International Theatre Festival!  

Here are some pictures from the day – more at the bottom of this post…

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Check out some of my past performances here.

Some of my favorite feedback…

“Loved the show last night! You are a very gifted actress, singer, & composer! You moved us to tears! We are truly inspired by you to create our own stuff.”

“I just want to tell you that I’m so happy I saw your show. It’s my third time, and I really needed to see it tonight. The show i am trying to put up requires me to put my story of my struggles in life in front of the world, although I don’t think anyone can relate to it. Again, thank you.”

Wait…Think nobody can relate to your story?  Think again.  We all have a story worth sharing.  In sharing our stories, we finally feel that commonality we’ve been searching for.

Want to share yours? Check out my tips in “Seven Ways to Get Your Story Started.”

I Was Scared to Share My Story Too.

When I premiered my show in 2012, I didn’t think my story was anything anyone else could understand.  I was scared of myself, scared of my story, and scared of the truth within me:

An old journal:


“I’m scared everyone will always think I’m the sick girl.  I guess the only way to keep moving forward is to continue to listen to myself. This is so hard for me to do because I am NOT used to connecting to myself long enough or clearly enough to actually feel what I’m feeling. For me, doing this is VERY scary and VERY painful – I’m scared to feel what I feel…it’s like I just don’t want to know. But, it’s the only way out of feeling unfulfilled – I have to get to KNOW myself. I can’t remain a stranger to myself. I have to TRUST that feeling my feelings will NOT steer me in the wrong direction. It’s just so hard to trust that.”

When I took all of these old journal entries and turned them into a musical about my life, I was transformed fear into creative good.


“I know in my heart that I’m larger than all this. It just doesn’t feel that way right now.  No fear is really that scary right now if I force myself to face it.  Or allow the anxieties to calmly flow through me, feeling them and then focusing elsewhere – back to doing what I love…Maybe if I go back to performing, I’ll feel like my old self again.  I know she’s in there.”

 And that’s what I did.  

“The world is full of poetry. The air is living with its spirit; and the waves dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness.”

Performing Gutless and Grateful taught me the power of something very special…my story, your story, our stories – sharing them makes us stronger.  Performing my show at Midtown Theatre Festival #MITF  was another chance, to hopefully bring out the stories inside of all of us!


“To hell with facts! We need stories!”
― Ken Kesey

2016-08-06 20.51.11-1-Edit

“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”
― Graham Greene,

2016-08-06 21.01.45-Edit

Jerold Goldstein and I have been sharing my story for nearly five years!


Moving forward, I can’t wait to tell more stories, new plots and adventures…13872901_10154500492459658_8126276454552672708_n

Gutless and Grateful will always be a part of me, but the most wonderful thing about “detours” is they always keep us guessing!    So stay tuned for new stories, songs and detours to share.


Check out some other pictures from the night!


People often ask me how I became such an open book.  I promise you, it didn’t start that way.  But the more I started to put that pain, fear, and energy into words, the easier it got.  It’s a process.  But it’s never too late to start – honestly.  

What’s a small step you can take towards sharing your story today?

I promise…you never know who might relate 🙂  SHARE!

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