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A full production IMPRINTS, will premiere at the NYC 2017 Thespis Festival/Competition…but only with your help!

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“After six years and 22 drafts, I’m finally premiering my full-length drama, IMPRINTS this January in New York – a compelling, humorous and poignant portrayal of how trauma affects the family – also semi-autobiographical. The script is loosely based off of a journal my brother kept for the first 72 days I was in a coma, with a powerful message about the mind-body connection in trauma, and how creativity, art, music, and theatre can heal the individual as well as society. Because of its themes of the themes of prevention, PTSD education, and survivor empowerment, this is also a powerful message to share with the community. In order to make this production possible, I’m creating something every day on Patreon. You can pledge a dollar, or whatever you’d like, and in return I’ll be sending music, art, and a bunch of other creative goodies and giveaways.
“Imprints” has an important message that needs to be seen, and every little bit counts!
A full production of “Imprints” at the New York City Thespis Festival in January 2017 will require $10,000. Every bit counts, and we appreciate any bit of help you can provide.  Become a PATRON today. [click to tweet]
In honor of the play’s Arts & Healing message, check out the art, music, and writing I’ll be sharing on Patreon, and pledge if you’d like to see more! (I had a lot of fun thinking of the rewards – so I hope I get some pledges!)”


A young girl wakes up in a surgical ICU to find her world forever changed. But even a coma cannot erase the imprints left from a burdening secrets of sexual abuse.  Forced to come to terms with a dark past kept hidden from her family, she now faces another self, Patty, born from the trauma she had hoped to forget. Imprints explores the bondage of secrets, the re-membering of a life broken open by trauma and the healing power of art.

A poignant story of a family, ripped apart, reassembling with the imprints of a heartbreaking past.

Bring #PTSDAwareness to theatres – Help make IMPRINTS possible! [click to tweet]
Thespis Theatre Festival choose the “most original, fresh and dynamic plays or musicals.”
  • January 24 @ 6:15pm 
  • January 28  @ 8:30pm
  • January 29 @ 1pm – Sunday
Hudson Guild Theater, at 441 W. 26 St.(between 9th and 10th Avenues) In the center of Manhattan. This beautiful  theater has 96 permanent seats and 6 spaces for wheelchairs. T

The Theater: Hudson Guild Theater in New York City
Home of the Thepis and the Venus-Adonis Theater Festivals

441 West 26 Street
(between 9th and 10th Avenues)
New York, NY 10001
  • 96 permanent seats,
  • 6 spaces for wheelchairs,
  • air conditioned

Our 10th Festival Season

There is no question why Venus/Adonis has taken the world of playwrighting festivals by storm, becoming one of the largest festival in the country in just 5 years.
It’s because playwrights enjoy staging their plays with us!
We are a group of playwrights who, after years of staging our plays in NYC festivals, said: “Why don’t we create a festival that includes everything we dreamt of having?”

The result is beyond our wildest expectations.

Help Make Imprints Possible!

Bring PTSD Awareness to the stage- Fight stigma with theatre!
Every bit counts! {click to tweet}

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