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If you’ve been following my blog, it’s no surprise to you that I love creating…and have a hard time stopping! (As someone once commented about my art, I “use excess gleefully!”)

Some of my art

Who can blame me? I discovered painting stuck in hospitals, and found it to be the best way to express what was too overwhelming for words. Creativity became my lifeline. Now, I’m an artist, finding inspiration from daily life experience and an life-shattering experiences.

After almost losing my life at 18 years old, I love celebrating life’s daily miracles through my art, theatre, music and writing...and I’m excited to deliver a personal version of that to you monthly 🙂

I HAVE A HUGE GOAL: To mount a full production of a full-length drama I’ve worked on for six years about my life, a survivor and “thriver” of sexual abuse, 27 surgeries, coma, organ failure, six years being unable to eat or drink, and the PTSD that comes from ten years of trauma, starting from my senior year of high school. Learn about it here.

As you’ve seen in my TEDx Talk, my life didn’t go exactly as I planned it… but does anyone’s?

 A full production of “Imprints” at the New York City Thespis Festival in January 2017 will require $10,000.
Every bit counts, and we appreciate any bit of help you can provide.  

Creativity became my anchor and roadmap where there was none. I create to reflect, to exist, and to have something to strive for.

Well, now, I have a platform where I’ll be creating something every day. I’d love for you to check out my work at Patreon!

I’m on Patreon!

Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. You can support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

As a patron, you can pledge a “per-creation” amount that feels right for you. Or you can subscribe per month, for regular rewards of your choice — and there’s quite a menu of options!

Every little bit counts, and will go towards my goal of mounting a full production of Imprints, the autobiographical full-length drama I’ve written based on the journal entries my brother wrote while I was in a coma,engaging the community in a powerful dialogue on trauma, healing, and moving forward in the face of adversity.

With each pledge, I’m one step closer to bringing Imprints to the public, starting with the New York Thespis Theatre Festival in January, and even closer to being able to take Gutless and Grateful, my one-woman autobiographical musical comedy, combined with mental health advocacy and sexual assault prevention, to colleges, hospitals, organizations, outreach programs, theatres, and to you!

If you stay updated as a loyal subscriber, you’ll receive a bonus perk: you’ll be entered in a raffle once a month where every week I do a giveaway, where you’ll actually receive one of my artistic creations! Even better, for every person you can get to subscribe to my Patreon page, you’ll be given another entry in my monthly raffle!

So what are you waiting for? 

Subscribe to my Patreon page at and tell a friend!


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Bring PTSD Awareness to the stage- Fight stigma with theatre!
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