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INSPIRE #286: How to Find Happiness in Your Detours!

 Listen HERE.

Amy Oestreicher is a Medical Miracle & Shares How to Discover Happiness in Life’s Toughest Moments as a Detourist + guided meditation!


Listen here.

Amy Oestreicher Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Amy’s Ted Talk:

Key Topics:

  • How creating was Amy’s language
  • How she found out what an agent was at 8.
  • What happened to her at 17 that changed everything.
  • What she shared with her mom.
  • What happened at the hospital.
  • Why you want to check out her Ted Talk on being a Detourist
  • What happened when she got out of her coma.
  • What’s a honeymoon coma phase?
  • How the highlight of her day was brushing her teeth
  • What the decadence is of an ice-chip
  • How she got reported and kicked out of the hospital
  • How the Broadway composer William Finn came in to visit her.
  • What does her Ted Talk topic Identity Shattered mean?
  • What she was doing to numb out because she literally couldn’t eat
  • What was the power of journaling to her?
  • How she got back to a happy place and stayed an optimist through the process
  • How she went without eating for 6 over the last 10
  • How her trust was rewired and how she had to rewire for trust and courage again
  • What does it truly mean to be in a place of awareness without judgment (mindfulness)
  • What is an ostomy and what’s it mean to get one reversed?
  • What is a detourist?
  • What’s the #lovemydetour campaign?
  • Hashtag a picture holding up a sign with #lovemydetour.
  • Share with Amy how this detour changed your life.
  • Visit her website at
  • Her editor is Tom Fitfer from the


If you’ve ever taken a detour in life, whether physical, spiritual, financial or otherwise, then do we have the detourist show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Amy Oestreicher, Broadway performer, artist, survivor, Ted-Talker, and incredibly inspiring human being.

Today we’ll be talking about embracing your detours, about learning how to shine, no matter your life circumstance, and turn your detours into flowers.

That plus we’ll talk about sneaking out of the hospital, having graduation in the ICU, the power of edible arrangements, collecting drink containers, how to inhale a pizza…in no time flat, Kathy Lee Gifford and musicals, and what the coolest trick in the world to do with red Kool Aid, on Halloween.

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