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Gutless and Grateful went way upstate this week to Greene, New York!

Here were some of my favorite highlights…

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Learn more about Gutless and Grateful at Chenango River Theatre here. 13407291_10154355011139658_3416805208465879676_n

Driving a very scenic “detour” (almost four hours away!) to the theatre…why is the air so much fresher up here?  (ahhh….)


Getting to perform my show on the set of their already running production – how fitting to sing and dance about not being able to eat or drink for six years…in a bar!


Getting another chance to pal around with my partner in crime, director, and awesome guy playin the keys – Jerold Goldstein


And performing for a standing ovation from a sold out house! Pretty awesome!


And the best part…checking out Wegman’s on the way back – can you say FOOD???


Gutless and Grateful has toured for almost five years, and every time, the gratitude amplifies.  This was the first time I performed with a new detour in my life.  As I shared my story with another group of wonderful new eyes, hearts, and minds, I was reminded how healing the power of theatre can be – for me, too!

Although life did not happen as I expected it, I did more in these past 11 years than I have all of my life.   But my proudest theatrical achievement happened in 2012, when I decided to compile the hundreds of journal pages I had scribbled in, and also selected some original and established songs, and made a musical out of my detour.  I wrote, directed, and starred in my one-woman musical “Gutless & Grateful:  A Musical Feast”, and the biggest gift of all was how it affected so many.  People I had never met before embraced me with tears in their eyes, telling me how I helped them with a difficult time in their life, or just a simple “thank you” for reminding them of their everyday blessings.  Suddenly, I knew why I was meant to go through these struggles. 



This show is my way of telling my story – the disappointments, the triumphs, and the humor.  It is a story of hope, determination, and perseverance.  Even with bags leaking, machines beeping, and my “planned” life on hold, I never wanted to feel like a “patient” or a “victim” – rather than mourn my hunger, I started a chocolate business, a food blog, learned karate, starred in musicals, put up three art shows, and taught nursery school.  I learned not to take anything for granted – like the first time I could sip water in three years.  “Gutless & Grateful” is by no means preachy, but a way to share my gratitude, story, and strength with the world.

Press: See one-woman show ‘Gutless & Grateful’ in Greene (Star Gazette)

Here are some more photos from the great day!










To quote a line from my show:

They say that everything happens for a reason.  But that’s not always true.  Sometimes, you have to make it happen. I think about my old life, and I miss it.  I miss the simplicity and straightforwardness of it.  I look at old pictures and I miss the innocence, the joy, the carefreeness in my eyes. This is not the path that I planned for myself – but does anyone’s life ever work out exactly how they plan it?  I was led astray, and hurt, and betrayed, and dehumanized, taken apart and put back together, but differently.  But my passion never went away.  I kept my hunger alive.  Now I know that my role in life is still to be that same performer I always wanted to be when I was 13.  But now with an even greater gift to give.  A story to tell.


You can always bring Gutless and Grateful to you.  Find out how here and send me a note!

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