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An interview with Jaime Primak – Sullivan on #cawfeetawk LIVE here.


Listen to Amy’s interview here.


Jaime Primak Sullivan is a Publicist, Producer and Writer. She is the Creative Producer/Star of #cawfeetawk & “Jersey Belle” NOT a therapist, just living.

Gutless and Grateful
Amy Oestreicher was 18 when her stomach unexpectedly exploded. She spent 6 months in a coma, has had almost 30 surgeries and couldnt eat or drink for 6 years because of having no stomach. She was eventually able to have her intestines reconstructed and she is now happy, healthy and married and touring her one woman show ‘Gutless and Grateful’. This week she and Jaime talk about her journey and how she’s able to have such a great attitude given her situation.



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