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How are you sharing your truth?

No more shame, no more secrets, and no ore hiding how beautiful we all are.


I’m supporting ostomy awareness worldwide. because I know how it feels to feel the undeserved shame and stigma that comes from holding things in.

When I first got my ostomy, I felt very alone. I felt self-conscious, and sometimes I longed for my old body.

Surgery #27

Some art therapy I did years ago to come to term with my ostomy.

When I couldn’t take self-loathing anymore, I decided to make friends with it. I reached out. I inquired about support groups in my area and realized there are many people like me. I realized my ostomy is a beautiful thing and has enabled me to do all the things I’ve been able to accomplish over the years. It is my uniqueness.
Now, I’ve realized how proud I am to be an ostomate – no more secrets!

A wonderful woman,Anisha Vijayan, reached out to me this month, started a #NoMoreSecrets Ostomy Campaign in India.  There are more than 3 Lakh registered ostomates in India, yet nobody seems to know anything about it and those who do have it, refuse to talk about it.



Currently.Anisha  is making a Documentary web series on the topic.  Learn more about the documentary here.  Her aim is to begin a national conversation about it.  The web series will be based on 4 people, one of whom is the President of the Asia South Pacific Ostomy Association, Dr. Harikesh Buch.

Learn more about how I’m proudly sharing my story here!

No More Secrets, ostomates!  Who’s with me!

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