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Thanks to all of the students and faculty who attended Gutless and Grateful at Russell Sage College!


Sage to Welcome Huffington Post Columnist and Award-Winning Actress Amy Oestreicher to Perform Autobiographical Musical

Here are a few photos and videos of the performance and talkback.  


Born to Entertain

Read more about how theatre changes lives here.

Explaining #LoveMyDetour

Learn how to take part in #LoveMyDetour here.

Here are some photos of the performance:

I’d Rather Be Sailing

A musical excerpt by William Finn

Four Hardcore Survival Skills (#3: Creativity)

For those who were interested in the Hero’s Journey – part of my #4 Survival Skill, check out my worksheets here.

Post Show Wrap-Up – my favorite treat…

For those who are wondering if I can eat now…(and guess what my favorite food is:  read here!)

Find out more about Gutless & Grateful here.

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