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How can we develop innovative means of  building student resilience on campus?  Through striving to give courage and a sense of belonging to students who are struggling, and to help build a campus that gives the entire student body an awareness and generosity of spirit to create a compassionate community.


Combining mental health advocacy and sexual assault prevention with autobiographical musical theatre, a talkback on resiliency, and a student conduct Q & A, Gutless & Grateful shifts the college ethos towards inclusion, educating participants on how to best educate the student body on sexual assault awareness in a way that engaged and empowers the community.

Amy shares a personal anecdote about the power of stories:

Amy shares a valuable resource for healing from PTSD: Peter Levine’s Waking The Tiger:

See pictures from the conference here:

The mission of NEOA is to advocate for access to and success in postsecondary education for low-income individuals, first generation college students, and students with disabilities and to develop the skills and knowledge of educational opportunity professionals working with this population.

“Milestones” Conference 2016: Cape Cod, MA April 6 – 8, 2016

New England Educational Opportunity Association

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Amy will also be giving a presentation on how PTSD education can be used in the context of sexual assault prevention on college campuses.

How do we commit ourselves to sexual assault awareness on campus? Amy’s presentation aimed to help individuals identify the symptoms of PTSD in relation to sexual assault, discover safe means of experiencing emotions and memories, and develop their own resiliency toolbox.

Through our courage, we grow.Through our stories, we heal.

Learn about Amy’s sexual assault college prevention programs here.

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