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April 5th is the official Day of Action for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

That’s tomorrow!  Are you ready?

I'm not a victim.

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Prevention is Possible

The theme of this year’s SAAM is “Prevention is Possible.”

To honor sexual assault awareness month, I wanted to share several articles I’ve written about my own story, ways to heal, and ways to help spread community awareness.

  1. It’s Okay to Freeze: Healing from Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

Explaining the “freeze” in PTSD, and working through undeserved shame.

2. Healing From Numbness (Sammiches & Psych Meds)

Working through feelings is difficult after sexual assault, but it is the only way forward and back into our lives.

3. From Frozen To Free (Dropping Keys)

“Reaching out to someone I knew loved me unconditionally calmed my anxiety.  I was willing to take some of the responsibility off of myself.”

4. Music Therapy and Sexual Abuse

How writing songs was a powerful way to reclaim my “voice” after being so betrayed.

5. To the man who molested me when I turned 17 (Role Reboot)

Why, although I never spoke my abuser’s name, I will not let him be my “secret.”

6. Five Ways Everyone Can Participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month

How every individual can be an agent of change, not just in April, but in every conversation, question, action and mindset.

7. What to Say (and Not to Say) to a Survivor of Sexual Assault

One of the most important things we can do is know how to best support a survivor.

8. PTSD: The Illness I Couldn’t See (Huffington Post)

“PTSD. I had never heard those letters put together before. I knew what “trauma” was, but I didn’t know it could cause so much internal dis-ease and dis-order — illness that I couldn’t see.”

9. Discovering “The Courage To Heal” (Original Monologue)

How one book was able to change the course of my recovery.

Did one of my essays especially ring out to you? Send me a note. I’d love to know.

Gutless, Grateful, and Sharing my Story


I’m also touring with my own program, Gutless and Grateful, which combines Broadway theatre with sexual assault awareness and mental health advocacy, in order to empower survivors of assault and to create a more compassionate, open community.

It’s been amazing to be able to integrate doing what I love with not only what I’ve been through, but what I’ve learned, in order to share how we can make awareness and prevention possible for all.

The Power of Our Stories

Through our courage, we grow.Through our stories, we heal.

Learn about my college program here.

Until I was able to tell my story, at first for myself, and ultimately, to others, I was not able to fully heal.

The day I reached out, I found connection, acceptance, forgiveness, and my self.  And I love who I found.

Wishing you an amazing month with enough empowered awareness to last all year long.

You can become an advocate and make prevention possible in your community.  Check the NSVRC’s Media Kit for Sexual Assault Prevention for more resources.


Together, we’re stronger.


Get Involved and Make Prevention Possible!

Here are some more great ways to get involved, thanks to NSVRC.

Make a proclamation!


View the 2016 SAA M Proclamation here.

Learn about the SAAM Day of Action and ways that you can participate.

Other Ways to Support SAAM

You can learn more about some amazing organizations doing inspiring work to spread sexual assault awareness on my Causes page.

All of these organizations have inspired the themes of my upcoming TEDx talk.  Please donate or get involved with any that resonate with you!


How are you making prevention possible today?

Here are a few more resources from NSVRC:

Title_9What is Sexual Violence?

How to Create a Campaign

Sample Letter to the Editor – very cool idea, you can write a letter to your local newspaper!


Together, we can make prevention possible.  Who’s with me?

Be sure to share this to make prevention a worldwide phenomenon!



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