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“This is not the life that I planned for myself – but does anyone’s life ever work out exactly how they plan it?”  – Gutless and Grateful

I had a wonderful time performing Gutless & Grateful at Haverford College on Friday.


Thanks to the Student Advisory Health Committee for bringing mental health and sexual assault awareness to campus!  


You can learn more about the Student Health Advisory Committee at Haverford here.

Here are some highlights of the program at Haverford.  You can learn more about Gutless & Grateful for colleges here. 

And just as beautiful as the journey, is the destination – or, you might call it a beautiful detour.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the way in and around the beautiful campus.

I’m truly “gutlessly grateful” that my detour has led me to share my story with others.
For any students who were interested in sharing their own “detour” with the Detourist community here at #LoveMyDetour, learn more here!

Here are a few of my favorite moments on video!

Getting ready for the show at Haverford College

A bit of the talkback at Haverford College after the performance:

Post-Show Pizza and a really inspiring man who gave me free post-show pizza:

You’ll be hearing about him on an upcoming blog post!  (Thank you random acts of kindness!)

And what’s the real secret to resilience?  A powerful support system.  Check out a video on the amtrak to see who my “roadies” were this time around.

Thanks, Haverford for a wonderful experience!

Next up, see you in Amherst on April 2nd for Sharing the Fire…


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