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How do you define “luck?”

Life doesn’t go as we plan.  What ends up actually happening often defines that dreaded four-letter word for each of us…right?

How do you learn to have the luck you have…and what will you do with it?


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I performed Gutless & Grateful in New York this weekend and I’m, well, grateful that I was able to share my story once again through the best medium ever… (in my opinion) THEATRE.


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I’m truly touched by how my story has affected so many people and it only serves to spur on my creativity more and more.  Even on the more difficult days, knowing I can have an impact is just one extra nudge to get me going in the morning.


I don’t have the most perfect life, (I like to call it quirky) and there are still medical nuisances in my life (I say it gives it character) everyone’s got something.

But…sometimes it’s good and healthy to kick your feet and scream a bit about it too.

“Creativity is discontent translated into arts.”-Eric Hoffer

In the meantime…I create.


And mostly it’s whatever’s coming from my heart.

sun girl
It’s a powerful thing, to have your brush moved by those stirring emotions and memories inside, those little tingles that are sensed but not seen…

me in studio

And once I can finally put my sadness onto the canvas…

I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel sad or frustrated anymore.  But I feel better.  Like I can feel.

And I’d rather feel everything than nothing at all.

Mommy Cant Fix This

You don’t make art out of good intentions.” ~Gustave Flaubert

Then it helps remember what I am grateful for.

This song I wrote, Picture Frame, reflects on memories of my childhood, which I still miss at times.

But I look where I am now, and I can’t contain the gratitude I feel for where my detour has led.


It’s really the ability to give back, and to have my work serve as a lens, a mirror, a window that others can look through, or look into, and see themselves or whatever they need to see at that moment.  To feel whatever they need to feel.  That’s how I connect with my world – that is my aliveness.  As a member of this human race, it’s how I can contribute.  Isn’t all we ever want to make a mark on the world?  Cause a ripple, maybe even a chain reaction?

Amy and Jerold

This is my hope some day, and I know that I have the power to make this happen every moment, with even the smallest of gestures.

No Act of Kindness is Too Little

A random act of kindness, a tender word, a brush stroke – whatever.  Sometimes, the only way I can rectify what has happened to me over the past decade, is to know that what I’ve been through, what I’ve learned from it, and what I’ve chosen to do with it can affect others.  Otherwise, it’s just a heck of a lot of surgery.  

Give Back By Doing What You Love, No Matter What

That’s why performing Gutless & Grateful feels so rewarding every single time.  I’m connecting with others through doing what I love, with a story to tell.  And next…Fulton Montgomery Community College tomorrow!


Gutless & Grateful in New York last Friday

So what do you do with YOUR luck?

As I wrote in an article for Indie Chicks, How to Love The Luck You’ve Got:

“Bad luck” has put the color into my life, the crazy new directions, the splattering lines on the newspaper of my life, branching out into newfound directions. And quite luckily, it’s made me the woman I am today.

So when you’ve missed that last train home, stay tuned into what you might find. Your next opportunity might just be a cab ride or broken elevator away.”

Check out more Gutless & Grateful photos from Friday here!

Any luck is an opportunity.  

How can you use your “detour” allow you to give back today?

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