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Most (meaning all) people think I’m insane when I tell them everything I do in a week.


They’re not wrong.  One look at my upcoming events may give you a migraine 🙂


Day in the city to rehearse for my show next week!

When life gets crazy…

We all have schedules that can be way too jam-packed.  It’s just life not being an octopus.  Having eight hands would be a LOT easier.

But to tell you the truth, it’s nice to be stressed out about time-management and schedule planning sometimes.

It makes me remember a time when I couldn’t do anything – when I was confined to my room, unable to eat or drink, scrolling though my Facebook news feed, wondering when (or if) life would ever start for me.


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Over ten years later, I think I’ve made it.  I think I can say I’m a “real” person now.


I may not have a nine to five job, but heck, I’m working.


Gutless and Grateful: A show about…”detours”

My medical problems may not be 1000% fixed, but there’s always tomorrow.


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I may have disappointments, but they give me something to hope for next time.

I may have failure, but now I have something more to strive for.


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I may make messes, but it makes for great art.


I may not have a stomach, but I’m hungry for life.


And PIZZA of course.

And yes, it defies explanation – and it is NOT a medical condition…but my favorite food in the world is matzoh…


Cream cheese and matzoh…all year round. Weird, right? I don’t even get it.

Gratitude calms the anxious mind and the crazy schedule.

With that in mind, I want to take some time to pause and breathe in some gratitude for the blessings that fill my schedule with wonderful, beautiful moments, people and life.

My Gratitude List This Week

1.) Checking out the space to perform Gutless & Grateful in New York a week from today!

blogart666 blogart33

2.) Performing Gutless & Grateful AND getting to talk about resilience to students at Boston College.


Packing three thousands tons worth of protein trips for a three hour Amtrak to Boston College 🙂


Having three thousand tons of encouragement from my mom on the Amtrak to Boston College.


Teaching Art classes at Westport Continuing Ed and having fun making big, sloppy, colorful messes.


I wouldn’t say I teach art, however.  I teach a mindset.  Creativity.


Creativity is just a way to see things differently.

blogart4 blogart3

And if it happens to make art, even better!


I’m off to take a plane to Syracuse – it’s my first big rehearsal for TEDx Syracuse!


Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that life can get crazy.  My schedule’s insane, I get it.

But gratitude slows time down into moments.  So whenever you get the chance to breathe (meaning now!) try to remember what you’re grateful for.

There’s always something to stress about.  But there’s three thousand more things to be grateful for.


Wanna get involved with #LoveMyDetour?


What are you grateful for today?  (How about FRIDAYS?!)

Gutless & Grateful

Hey my show’s in a week – check it out here!

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