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This was originally published for Uloop news.


I’m on the road today, bringing Gutless & Grateful, the “musical” story of my life, to Boston College, showing students that a detour is not a dead end.

Somehow I’ve managed to cram more surgeries than I can count into a one-woman autobiographical musical, a presentation on mental health, and a powerful takeaway that difficulties can truly make you stronger.

Ten years of uncertainty and setbacks were frustrating and difficult, but the lessons I learned from that beautiful detour — yes, you heard that right — are truly immeasurable.

Managing Difficult Thoughts on a … “Detour”

A Detour: You’re on a road, and you have to make an unexpected turn. Sounds like life, right?

How do you get back on track after a detour? Read the rest of the story for Uloop here.

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