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Lately, my detour has been really wobbly.

detour paint 10

I could probably fill this post with an endless list of regrets about my 27th surgery.  It was November 2012 and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

Unfortunately, to this day I’m still paying the price.

This is not a post to complain.  But this isn’t necessarily a post to see the bright side either, or to find the beauty in that detour.

me in studio

This is a post to just be where I am – because, sometimes, a Detourist just needs to take a break and collect her thoughts before she journeys on.

This Detourist has been a bit tired lately as she looks for answers to a wound that hasn’t healed for four years – that’s more than a metaphor.

When A Detourist Wants to Give Up

I recently had an essay come out for The Mighty on a time I almost gave up.  I tried to run away from myself – literally.  It didn’t work – obviously.  You can read it here.

sun girl

To quote my essay for The Mighty, even at such low time:

“I had life. Whatever it was, I had in my hands — a thing called “life.” An entity that was way too huge for me to make any final decisions about now.”

Using Creativity as a Lifeline

detour paint 9

Once again, I go back to creativity as my lifeline – creativity when I don’t know what else to do, when I feel powerless in a situation that I seem to have no control over.

I Want Out

I wrote this song I Want Out at a time I couldn’t take my medical situation anymore.

Break Me

This was another song I wrote, Break Me when I felt like life was trying to break me down relentlessly, and I couldn’t go on anymore.


This is my husband, who loves and supports me at my lowest of lows and my highest of highs.

528239_834179520566_1490340156_n (1)


This is my family, who has loved and supported me since I was born.



This is me performing my show, coming up next month, which connects me to my passion and reminds me why I keep going on day after day.

Gutless & Grateful


These are some of my #LoveMyDetour Detourists, who show me, through their inspiring stories, that we all have detours in life, and we have to keep going, no matter what the road ahead may look like.


Passing on Creativity

art talk 3

This is someone who bought one of my inchie pins at an art presentation yesterday, showing me that creativity can touch the lives of others and be passed on.


These are my trees, who I paint any chance I get, to remind me of the beauty of nature and the transformative power of making art.


Lately, things have been difficult.  But by finding those moment by moment joys, I can get through from one curve in the road to the next. That is the art of navigating a detour.  That is why I’m a Detourist.

How are you navigating your detour today?

Learn more about #LoveMyDetour here.  and join the community on the #LoveMyDetour Facebook Page.

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