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Workshop at Hampshire College.  Learn more about Detourist Workshops here. (Contact Amy to bring workshop to you.)


You’re On The Road: Workshop for Creative Stress Management & Navigating Life’s Detours

Have you ever planned something in your life that turned out differently? Did life ever surprise you when you thought you had things all figured out? If life didn’t go as you expected, that’s a detour.
Detours can be stressful. Stress, anxiety, can make us feel like we’re entirely alone in our struggles. College, especially, can be a breeding ground for stress – a turning point in our lives where we’re independent, perhaps for the first time. Doors become open to us that we never even knew existed. We realize we have the power to make choices, which can be equal parts empowering and frightening.
Amy Oestreicher, a Div 2 “Detourist” will help students thrive not in spite of, but because of detours in their life through expressive, creative prompts and activities using art, acting and writing. lead students down their twisting, turning detours with fun, creative prompts.
Come to Merrill Living Room at 4pm to participate in “You’re On the Road: A Workshop for Detourists” . Don’t stress – just keep traveling! You’ll turn adversity into creative growth and gain the confidence to travel down whatever road life takes you. Living life as a “Detourist” leads to unexpected blessings.
Learn more about being a Detourist here: and contact Amy O. for more information:

This event is on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016.
It is held at : Merrill Living Room
This event starts at 4:00pm.

This event is organized by : Wellness

For more information visit or E-mail

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