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Starting the day off on the right….stroke.

You know when you have that to-do list of errands, assignments, chores and check-offs that you HAVE to get done RIGHT NOW?

Those are the best times to put all of that aside and do one very important thing first:

PLAY.  Trust me.  It’s a much-needed DETOUR!

I call it “intended play.”  Play with the intent of freeing yourself up for the tasks ahead.  Then, you can go back to your to-do’s totally reinvigorated!

Intended Art Play

The Play: Going to my studio to make art

The Intended: Beginning with the affirmation that I’d like to take with e into my work:

Today I resolve to not overcomplicate anything with my thinking of “what if” or “what should” and let the “what is” be my pacifier, instantly calming me with a sweeping sense of satisfaction.

The Art:

As usual, just starting with a few messy strokes.  Who knows, who cares, right.


Life does not have to be perfect  to be wonderful.

sungirl3        .

Be more committed to your dreams  than to your fears.


 Recognize joy when it arrives in the plain brown wrappings  of everyday life.


A bird  doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.

sun girl

 It is never to late to be what you might have been. 

sungirl closeup

Laugh  at your mistakes, it makes them shrink.


 I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells  -Dr. Seuss


“The weight that lays on your shoulders could be the wings that carry you home, like two long lost friends.”

Intended Play Keeps the Doctor Away (I guess?)

Once I did my art of the day, I was pumped and ready for whatever the day had ahead of me.

Although we can never be too sure…we do know we can expect a lot of detours.

detour power bar

And quite appropriately…I’m fueling up with a “Detour” bar – hey, they really do exist!!!

How will you use “intended play” today?

It’s a great tool for navigating any detour in life, because it puts you in a great traveler’s mindset!

You can take intended play with you anywhere – just be creative!  I made a smiley face in my husband’s beer – see, that counts!

smiley faec bbeerr

Creativity is a mindset – so use your mind everywhere!

Traveler’s Mindset Affirmation:  I’m on the road…

We just have to keep going long enough to reach a clearing…until our path detours again.  The road – although uncertain, daunting, and sometimes terrifying – can be filled with wondrous discoveries – Detourist Discoveries!

A Detourist doesn’t just take the detour, they embrace it – bumps and all – and keep traveling. 

What’s to love about detours?

Detours lead to endless discoveries.  What beautiful sights might you catch along the way?


So fuel up and get ready to travel…


Pizza is great fuel, in my opinion.

Or REALLY fuel up – it could be a long, windy, bumpy trip!

pizza pizza pizza pizza

Okay maybe a bit more pizza – I’m serious. Check out my pizza-obsessed essay for Huffington Post.

Detours make our stories.

more pic

And the more detours we take, the more exciting our stories are!

We might not know where our detour is headed, but the more we travel, the more we see that our detours are not really detours at all.  They are the path we’ve taken – a path that’s forever imprinted in our souls and in the hearts of those our “detours” affect.

You’re on the road, Detourists!  A detour is not a dead end.


What does your road look like?  Comment on the #LoveMyDetour  Facebook page!

Every day I’ll be asking a new question.  I’d love to know what detour you’re currently riding along 🙂 – take a roadstop and please say hello!

I turned my detour into the best trip ever.

Why do we need a whole page about loving detours?  Watch this video to find out.  

And many more reasons.  I’m sure you can think of a few.  Why do you love your detour?  Share! Be sure to comment 🙂

How are you using intended play today?  Three cheers for road games!  




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