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This Thursday at 2pm EST, I’m so excited to be leading a twitter chat on Howlround!  We’ll be discussing Theatre, Healing, and Creating Compassion.


Join our weekly Twitter conversation on #HowlRound every Thursday at 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT / 19:00-20:00 GMT. Participate, or propose and moderate a discussion about anything relevant to contemporary theatre and performance culture. Use the hashtag #HowlRound in Twitter to communicate with the whole community.

What are some topics you’d like to see addressed?  What questions come to mind when you think about theatre and healing?


These are a few articles that will be inspiring some of my questions.  Skim a few and see how theatre and healing can change the world.  Feel free to share your articles, thoughts, comments and questions.

Healing Power of Theatre

A College Using Theatre for Dialogue

Greek Plays Used to Cope with Stress

Treating PTSD with Theatre

Theatre and the Military

Playback Theatre

Collecting Stories Through Theatre

Using Theatre for my own healing process

Sexual Assault and Theatre

Shakespeare in the Courts

Urban Improv

Theatre for Living

Theatre in Hospitals

Healing Arts Initiative

“Healing Wars”

Healing: How Plays Change Lives

Theatre and Mental Illness

Plays about Death and Dying

Theatre Resolves Conflict

“Ultimately the goal for all theater is to heal.”

What are you burning questions about theatre and healing? What do they mean to you?

So get on twitter at 2pm EST tomorrow and make sure you use the hashtag #HOWLROUND!

See ya Thursday!

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