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Originally Published in Elephant Journal


What is it about nature that brings so many new beginnings to mind?

Nature is the smell of freshly mowed grass, mulled cider and chilled winter air. It is the color of earthy bark, burgeoning flower buds and the hot touch of pebbles left under the blazing sun.

Nature reminds me of who I am.

I’ve loved nature since childhood. My nature walks were my time to daydream and collect little treasures along the way. I’d often come home with pockets full of acorns, mulch and flowers I’d picked up.

My fantasies were vivid, and the world felt so alive around me.

To me, the trees had faces, the sun had a song and even as a kid, I knew that I was living in a world of miracles.

Nature was how I continually rediscovered myself. Every day, the world felt new. I grew up happy, healthy and confident with who I was.

But my life took an unexpected turn…[Read more here]

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