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When Something Feels Right 6 x 6 IMG_0499

How about a dose of creativity to get your weekend started?

Here are a few prompts…

I think/feel God is…a tree, the source around us with everything we breathe

I think of my “wildness” as..

When I was a child I wanted to be…

When I was a teenager, I longer for…

When I grew up, I knew that I could call on,….

My greatest disappointment was/is…

My most meaningful satisfaction comes from….

I know I can call one  my own  ___________ for help and solace to….

I’m the happiest when I…

Others show me they love me by…….

My greatest gift to those I love is….

The role I wanted to play and never did was….

The role I’ve gotten to play that I never imagined is….

I’m more successful than I ever thought possible because I…

I dare to…

I’m no longer intimidated by….

I let go of…

I’ve found…

I’ve claimed…

I’m free because….


Here are some ideas to get your mind going for the weekend…

  1. Write a hello letter to the rest of your life
  2. Create a play with someone else where you take on the role of your anxiety and the other person the role of your healthy self.
  3. Sing some songs or play music that is soulful to say goodbye to the workweek.
  4. Find an item that represents any frustration from this week and either burn it in a safe way, or bury it deep in the ground somewhere.
  5. Cry about saying goodbye to a difficult time in your life, and let yourself feel the real pain of this huge change.
  6. Feel your body and how there are already parts that are comfortable and pleasurable, and how much better your body will thank you when you paper yourself this weekend.
  7. Find a new place to keep your computer and don’t touch it until Monday.
  8. Think up of some ways to say hi to friends that are far away…besides Facebook.
  9. Sing to your I-Pod
  10. Learn to play piano…or just bang on it.
  11. Bounce a ball, play jacks, play ping pong, badminton
  12. Play guitar
  13. Go on a magazine scavenger hunt, scattergories, magazine collaging
  14. Try painting to music, making a big mural together on butcher paper
  15. Bake some dog treats in the kitchen
  16. Play the board game SORRY
  17. Go through a travel book or a joke book
  18. Take digital pictures
  19. Create a bowling set
  20. Make stuff out of clay
  21. Paint your nails
  22. Make a short film or skit
  23. Work on cabaret act
  24. Watch a funny DVD
  25. Do karaoke
  26. Read a chapter of a book together with a friend
  27. Make a scrapbook

Or need some weekend reading material?

View my Flipboard Magazine.

And remember…

  • “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to understand ourselves.”  -Carl Jung
  • “I can paint my own picture of my own reality. If I trust my body’s wisdom and let go of control, it will guide my way naturally, the intuition of my own body will weave out its path, and my story will unfold without even trying.  This is what I must remember tomorrow.  And to always be grateful for the blessings in my life – that I have the power to make all of my experiences joyful, positive and life-affirming.  That all of life is connected, and I can manifest whatever I want into the universe – all of my wildest hopes and dreams, and God will give that back to me.  You get what you give.” – Me

amy with artwork BLOOM

Happy Friday!!!

What creative fun are you going to have this weekend?

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