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“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

How was your first week of 2016?

It’s a brand new week, brand new year, and not an ounce of snow on the ground yet!

tree love

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start.  But any start can be great, so don’t fret if you might’ve gotten a bumpy one…

Any bumpy start is a beautiful detour with some resilience…

resilience definition

This is a definition of the word “resilience” – but you can find resilience anywhere.  In a strong role model who’s influenced you, in the sturdy trees above you who weather ever storm and still blossom every spring, and in…YOU.

Are you grateful for your bumpy start?

Maybe you should be.  After all, the best way to turn your thoughts around is through a gratitude list.


But I know I’ve said the G-WORD too many times to count.

If you’re sick of gratitude, I’ve got another trick.

Building Your List – Your Resilience List, That Is!

How do you bounce back from setbacks?  Perhaps a disaster can be a brilliant blessing in disguise.  With patience and persistence, there’s an even greater benefit around the corner.  You don’t even have to look for it.  Just be open to a deviant path, and trust that it can lead somewhere gorgeous.


A detour in life means your path will never be the same again.

A trauma in life means that life will never be like it was.

Well, that’s fantastic!

Small Steps to Embrace the Unexpected

  1. Make a list of five things you feel irritated or upset about.  What pressures are you feeling in starting the new year?  This is list A.
  2. Next to each of those five things, write I Feel…and fill in how those irritations make you feel, expressively.
  3. Now list five positive experiences.  What do you have fun doing?  Who do you enjoy spending time with?  What was the last nice thing you smelled?  This is list B.
  4. Look at your first list of negative experiences – List A. Can you match one item from list B to list A?  Find a positive to alleviate every negative.
  5. If you can’t find a perfect match for each negative on List A, then keep free-associating some positive experiences and adding to List B .  Make the longest list you can of anything that feels good to you, until you can match one item from List B to help soothe List A.  C‘mon, you only need five matches!

Now how do you feel?  You’ve discovered a small way to find some pleasure in the face of something that makes you upset.

Asking For Help


Another way to deal with List A’s yuckiness?  Ask for support.  That could come in many forms…

  • Ask for help with daily tasks.  Maybe someone helps run an errand for you.
  • Ask for advice.  What guidance do you need?  Can someone help problem-solve with you?
  • Ask for a listening ear.  Compassion, empathy and reassurance have tremendous power.
new years pic

This was my New Years Support!

The best way to navigate a detour is THROUGH…

There are so many ways to get through our detours, so many paths to travel with hope, curiosity and togetherness.  Remember, there’s always more than one way through any “detour” – just take a look at every Detourist sharing their story in my Why Not Wednesday feature – no two Detourists are alike!

Yet we all are telling the same story.  Life did not go as we planned, and we kept traveling anyway.  That’s what makes us Detourists.

How will you embrace the detours of 2016?

perpetual you

I’m honored to be the cover girl for the January Issue of The Perpetual You.  Embrace change and embark on your own beautiful detour by reading the magazine here!

Here’s how I’m embracing my detours so far for 2016:

Refer your school-organization (1)

Start embracing that detour!

me in studio

As always, I want to hear from you.  Stories give us all strength.  Think you haven’t been through anything worth talking about?  Think again.  You never know how your story can inspire others.  You never know what ONE person is aching to hear.  It could be the lessons you’ve taught yourself in your own detoured travels.

You’re stronger than you know, Detourist.  So brag about it!  It’s helpful bragging, I promise.

Wishing you the bold, fierce courage to share who you are with your whole heart (to quote a line from one of my favorite TED Talks)


I #LoveMyDetour.  So tell me, why do you love yours?

(Once you learn what a Detourist is, you can also use #LoveMyDetour on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)


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