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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.”      – Helen Keller

Lovers in the Snow

Happy Holidays!
Well, it’s not exactly snowing over here in Connecticut, but ’tis the season for friends, festivities, food (when is it NOT the season for food?) and remembering what really matters.
So this holiday season, take some time to go inside (yourself) and think about:
1.) What are two words that give your life meaning?
2.) Who is someone that give your life meaning?
3.) What is one tiny goal can you strive for this year?
4.) What are five things you’re grateful for at this very moment?
5.) What is the greatest gift you can offer to the world this year?*
*just being who you are.  So be who you are proudly, boldly and compassionately.  And be the best you can be by being kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.
Let’s make a peaceful, compassionate, meaningful world for 2016.  We each can make a difference with our own beautiful detours.
detour family

Holidays are for families to get together and share their own crazy detours!

Using Art to Celebrate…
Just like there’s always a time for food (according to me, at least) there’s always a time for art!  Here are some of my homemade Christmas gift creations:
I took an ornament and did some DIY work to it…

The coolest part about the ornaments that open up?  You can create a mini-world inside!

When I celebrating Christmas with my husband’s family in Arizona, I made some ornaments out of felt for my lovely in-laws:

Since we’re in Arizona…  how about a Cactus tree for Christmas?

 And the best part about DIY Christmas…

Having my crafty and creative husband teach me how to make our own stockings!

And of course, the horses have to have stockings too, right?
The wonderful part about sharing the holidays is that I’ve learned so much about celebrating Christmas, and then I get to teach my husband how to make wonderful latkes for Channukah.
I call it the best of both worlds!
Holidays are Handmade, Homemade, and Memory-Made
The greatest part about making your own cards, ornaments and gifts for the holidays is that it’s just an excuse to put more of YOU, your gratitude and your love for the “giftee” into your gift.  These are just a few little cards I made for Brandon’s family:
Celebrating Christmas in Arizona is definitely different than in New England – it’s pretty nice finding the perfect Christmas tree in 70 degree weather!
And using some very Arizona-esque holiday decorations…
And riding my first horse on Christmas…
Decorating my first Christmas tree…
Holidays are really just for food, though, if we’re being real here.
I made some quick buttery soft pretzels – always a fun little appetizer:

Find the recipe here!

And some more fun finger food…
 I made my classic chocolate cake – it’s an amazing recipe you can find here.
Brandon’s mom made her world-famous (to Brandon, at least) cherry pie:

And the best kind of dessert?  A gingerbread house, made with love and tons of candy!


It was certainly a feast!


Holidays are just a big excuse to share.  So take advantage and share!  Share love, share joy, share presents, share time, share memories, and make more of them when you run out of memories to share…

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours.
Pssst…wanna find out how you can score a one-of-a-kind piece of art made just for you…or for someone you still need a present for?  Find out here!



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