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“You might as well ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search.”
― Rick Riordan

It’s another beautiful morning for making art!

messy studio

Name my art of the day!

As I mentioned in Friday’s Detourist #36, my weekly newsletter, this week I’m asking for title suggestions for another painting, but with a special twist.  Comment here and get entered into a drawing (no pun intended) for a free private coaching session!  When life takes a detour, it’s not always easy to find yoru roadmap, and I’d love to help you with some secret navigation skills that helped me through all of those pesky surgeries and “alternate routes”…

As always, no plan in mind today, just lots of paints and 10 fingers waiting to make a mess…

art hill 11

My inspiration?  Those beautiful hills at Hampshire College, where I just got to perform Gutless & Grateful…

pretty hills

Although I try not to think about what I’m painting, I like to paint with a positive affirmation in mind.

art hill 6

Today’s thought was: I can paint my own picture of my own reality.

art hill

If I trust my body’s wisdom and let go of control, it will guide my way naturally, the intuition of my own body will weave out its path, and my story will unfold without even trying.

hill art 5

Pssttt…in Connecticut? I’m teaching 6 weeks of mixed media art fun for Westport Continuing Ed starting on March 3rd. Learn more here!

I try to find gratitude for the tiniest moments in my life – the texture of the carpet on my bare toes, the sound of the lid popping off of a fresh jar of paint.

hill art 4

Just like I have the power of the paintbrush in my hand,  I have the power to make all of my experiences joyful, positive and life-affirming.

hill art

Just like my green hues blend into my blotches of blue ink, all of life is connected, and I can manifest whatever I want into the universe.

hill art1

I declare my hopes and dreams to the universe by spilling them across my canvas, and in putting these colors into the world, the world will give that energy back to me.

hill art 3

You get what you give.

Field for Flight

What should I name it???

So with that affirmation in mind, this is the painting I came up with.  So…what the heck should I title it?

lots of art

I’ve got to start selling some of this art…my house is flooded with this stuff!

So far, you’ve helped me title…

kisses and wishes

Kisses and Wishes


Together We Heal



United by Fire

chasing blue hope

Chasing Blue Hope

So this week, there’s some bribery involved…but just because I’m a huge fan of detours and would love to help you on your own beautiful journey!

Want to paint something yourself but don’t know where to start?

Paint your dreams.

paint your dream art

Or write a hello letter to the rest of your life, and then draw what you wrote.

collage art play

Art is everywhere.  Look around you and steal some ideas.  (Politely)

mural art

Students from FIT painting a mural.

Smell something fragrant and try to draw what that smell would “look” like…

hot soup

Chicken soup anyone?

Make an artsy card for someone you love…

amy brandon cheese block

Like this guy over here.

Or…wrap up those holiday presents – you’ve still got time!  Do it with a creative twist!

snoopy tree

I’ve been reading everywhere how good art is for ALL the parts of you…

art psych

Falling in love? I’ll take it, art!

So what are you waiting for?  Get busy and start doodling!  I see a napkin over there…grab a pencil and start with one little line…go!

(Oh but first…what should I title my art?)

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