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IMG_20150901_205819Happy Friday everyone!

As we get ready for the new year, are you wondering what you might be capable of in 2016?

I’m so excited for 2016 as I embark on my college tour of  performing  Gutless & Grateful, my one-woman autobiographical musical.   I’m so excited, honored, and well…GRATEFUL.

When you know what you're grateful for, you know what you're about. (1)

My show talks about my life, but it’s not a show about me.  It’s about us, our stories, keeping hope alive, and staying healthy in our minds as well as our bodies.  That’s why I couldn’t be prouder to be able to help others.

To celebrate, I wanted to look back on some of my favorite moments in making Gutless & Grateful a reality, remember some awesome memories along the way, and what it taught me about “Mental Health”, and learning what the human spirit is capable of.

I call it…

14 Lessons in Capability (LIC)

#1:  I’m 13, 2000

spackle girl 2

I first knew I loved telling stories when I played the title role in The Diary of Anne Frank.  I love theatre.  I’m a theatre kid.  I like to act.

LIC: Getting to learn about other people’s stories is inspiring and empowering.  It makes us realize what we can be capable of.

#2: I’m 15, 2012

Listen here:

Me at 15 years old singing one of my favorite songs, Lion Tamer.  A song about dreams, and being whatever you want to be.

LIC: Wishing we were someone else is okay sometimes – It plants a seed for what we can ultimately become, if we keep wishing.

#3: April 25th, 2005

That little moment when my stomach exploded and my world changed forever.


LIC: The body is VERY strong.  It is capable of surviving through life-threatening circumstances.

#4: March 2011

I end up on the TODAY show.  You can read about it and watch the clip here.


LIC: When others believe in you, you feel capable of anything.

#5: August 2011

So that guy David Friedman in that video clip?  He’s an amazing composer but an even more incredible person.  We start working on a show.


LIC: Don’t be afraid to speak up, be aggressive or to ask for what you ned..  You are capable of making an impact, so flaunt what you’ve got and know you’re capable of being amazing!

#6: October 2012

Premiering Gutless & Grateful at the Triad Theatre in NYC and I’m on top of the world.


LIC: Even if you haven’t practiced a passion for years, you’re capable of going back to it and still burning as brightly.

#7: November 2012

Getting a 27th surgery and hitting the bottom of the world.

LIC: The body…still capable, even when you think it can’t be tested anymore.  So keep your spirit alive so your body has something to warm it up when it recovers!

#9: June 2013

Performing Gutless & Grateful at the Triad again, with a funny bit about that terrible 27th surgery tacked onto it


LIC: You’re always capable of making a comeback.  Just come back.

#10: June (later) 2013

Performing Gutless & Grateful at the Bijou Theatre, in my hometown of CT!


LIC: Getting to learn about other people’s stories is inspiring and empowering.  It makes us realize what we can be capable of.

#11: July 2013

Getting invited to perform Gutless & Grateful at Barrington Stage Company by one of my Broadway heroes, William Finn.


LIC: You are capable of making an impact on even those who have impacted you.  Don’t get intimidated by those you admire.  You just may have something to teach them!

#12: November 2014

Taking Gutless & Grateful back to NYC for the United Solo Festival, an international showcase of one-person performances.


LIC: It’s okay to take a break, but don’t give up.  You’re capable of a second wind that lasts.

#13: September 2015

Flying to Kansas City to lead a workshop with Gutless & Grateful on the Power of Words for the Transformative Language Arts Network.


LIC: Sharing your story makes you capable of connecting with anyone going through anything, because stories are things we all relate to.  Storytelling unleashes your capabilities.

#14: October 30th 2015 – Performing to spread awareness!

Amy at Evergreen

Supporting a wonderful cause for the Eating Foundation Recovery of Denver!!!

LIC: Think no one can relate to your problems?  Although my story is not about an eating disorder, it is a story of determination, hope and healing.  No matter how “unique” your detour is, you’re not alone.  You are capable of feeling supported and not alone.

Bonus #15: November 2015 – Hampshire College!

Performing for students and using my show to educate campuses about mental health, resiliency and navigating life’s detours.  Who knew that 10 years after my college acceptance letters, I’d be on a different kind of college tour?  


LIC: You’re capable of thriving in uncertain moments.  You can always bounce back.

Next up….who knows?


Learn about my programs for college students here, and my #LoveMyDetour campaign for students here!

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Sexual Abuse27 Surgeries6 years unable to eat or drinkComatose for monthsAn exploding stomach

I can’t believe this silly old red dress has been all over the place for three years, and I’ve been blessed enough to share my story with so many.  What started as theatre has now become a means to not only share my own story, but to get people thinking about sharing their stories as well.

I'm not a victim.

We all have stories inside of us!

You can call it inspiration, mental health advocacy, storytelling, or just plain ol’ musical theatre.

You can call me an actress, short gut, survivor, speaker, sick kid, mental health advocate, writer, blogger, ham, over-sharer….I’ll let you take it from there…

2012-01-11 19.04.19

But I call this a detour.  A beautiful detour.

Field for Flight

What are you capable of today?

Share these lessons in capability and use them as your own affirmations: 14 Lessons in Capability

Here’s a few steps to get you started…


You can download my 14 lessons in capability here: 14 Lessons in Capability

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Safe travels, Detourist!






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