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We will be spending time with Amy Oestriecher. In her last year of high school, Amy’s stomach literally blew up.  The result has been over 25 surgeries and periods, up to 3 years, where she couldn’t eat or drink.

In our discussion, I plan to talk with Amy about the following:

  • I want to hear about Amy’s experience recovering and living without a stomach?
  • To me it seems impossible to go a day let alone three years without eating. I am interested in hearing what that was like.
  • Amy is an advocate for using creativity to heal. I am going to dive into that a bit.
  • And much more!

Amy Oestreicher’s Resources

Check out Amy’s blog, #lovemydetour campaign, her show Gutless and Grateful, and much more at

You can also connect with Amy through social media.  Find her on:

Amy’s Artwork

You can also find more of Amy’s artwork on Etsy.

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