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Everyone has a “detour” in life – something that doesn’t go as we plan.


A detour is many things – unexpected, a nuisance, difficult, hard to grapple with, frustrating, – but it can be beautiful. By sharing our stories, we rewrite our own narratives, rediscover our true identities, foster compassionate communities, and become travel partners on these journeys with no straight path. Through this, we gain adaptability and create a positive, empowered attitude toward obstacles in life.
“Detours” in life are everyday blessings.

When life takes an unexpected detour...

A detourist travels along detours – simple enough.  But in addition, a detourist embraces those unexpected routes as opportunities for growth, change and self-fulfillment.

Are you a Detourist?

Of course you’re a are!  Now let me know why with #LoveMyDetour!

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