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From one nightmare to another: Sex abuse victim reveals how her stomach EXPLODED days after telling her mom about the abuse – leaving her unable to eat for SIX YEARS

  • Amy Oestreicher, from Fairfield, Connecticut, was in a coma for six months after her stomach exploded two weeks before her senior prom
  • She was in a coma for six months after her emergency surgery, and when she woke up she was told her digestive system was destroyed
  • The now-28-year-old, who endured more than 25 surgeries over the past decade, was unable to eat or drink for six years
  • She relied on an IV bag to give her 3,000 calories a day, but she always felt ravenous and painfully thirsty

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***Amy’s note:  If they capitalize it…you KNOW it’s a REALLY BIG DEAL.


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