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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Detourists!

When you know what you're grateful for, you know what you're about. (1)

I hope everyone had a wonderful, Grateful-FILLED Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to remember what you’re grateful for today – and every day!  After you have some time with family and friends, make sure you take a little me-time and create a gratitude list for yourself.  You never know where it might take you….

me with dancing girl

Here’s a little poem I wrote about gratitude, in the spirit of the big day – which is every day!

Grateful For

By Amy Oestreicher

Wishing Girl 18 x 24

Wishing Girl 18 x 24

Grateful for the ever-changing

Current of the life we lead

Grateful for the fair exchanging

Of what we no longer need


Grateful for the small improvements

Building triumphs every day

Grateful for the micro-movements

We find as we make our way


Mindful of the thoughts that take us

Out of our safe moment-bubble

Mindful of the fears that break us

And cause nothing else but trouble


Mindful of the physical sensations

That we fuse with feelings

Mindful of the steady motivation

That guides us to healing


Present with the hurt arising

As we face discomfort, angst

Present with the agonizing

Pain of filling in life’s blanks


Present with our emptiness

So we can learn how to refill it

Present with our lovely mess

That we can tidy if we will it


Curious about our pains

Instead of fleeing right away

Curious about the stains

And scars that mark a harder day


Curious about what we’ve become

From struggling with our dis-ease

Curious about the one

Solution that leads to kind peace


Fearful of the changes

That amount from leaps into unknowns

Fearful of the ranges

Of emotions felt within our bones


Fearful of what lies ahead

When life’s unsteady as it is

Fearful as we start to shed

The numb, cold layers of all of this.


Breathing in the here and now

As we carry on through the hours

Breathing out the fear somehow

And resourcing our inner powers


Breathing in the hope that we

Can make one vital victory

Breathing out the doubt we see

When we imagine us happy


Joyful with the progress we’d

Be making if we moved along

Joyful that the lives we lead

Have highs and lows just like a song


Joyful to be in a place

That’s exactly where we need to be

Joyful to be face to face

With hope, faith and discovery.




detour family

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Here are some more pictures from how my family celebrated.  How did you celebrate?  Tweet me a picture, comment  here or tell me on Facebook!

What are you grateful for today?

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When you know what you're grateful for, you know what you're about.

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