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Listen to Amy’s Live Blab at 3pm EST November 10th, 2015 (or watch the replay) by clicking here.

See the blab here.

Join me, Christina Smith and 17 other speakers, pros and coaches as we discuss ways to bring down the anxiety and weight while pumping up our connection, growth and energy. Live conversations every day at 3:00 pm (EST). You don’t have to register here, you can just show up to the Blab sessions at 3:00 pm each day. By registering here, you have access to the up-to-date schedule and links to any bonuses our speakers may offer all in one convenient place.


November 19: Day 14

Amy Oestreicher

|Gutless and Grateful

Ready to be inspired to health? Join me as we talk to a young inspiration who became debilitatingly ill during her senior year of high school and how she muscled her way back to taking on the world. If you have suffered from chronic or prolonged illness, you need to check this out.
BONUS: Are you a detourist? Getyour free detourist guide on Amy’s site and join the #lovemydetour movement.

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